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"At Home" To Lieutenant-Governor Of Punjab
(From Our Special Correspondent)
Simla, June 22
The Catholic Club at Simla was "At Home" at the Grand Hotel on Saturday afternoon to meet H.H. the Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjab. It was a matter of regret that Lady O’Dwyer and His Grace the Archbishop were unable to attend. The majority of the members of the Club with their wives and families were present. The band of the Leinsters, which was engaged for the occasion, played a pretty selection of Irish airs. Captain Duffy arranged a programme of music in which the following took part:- Mrs. C.H. Artin, Mrs. C.H. Pereira, and Messrs. E.W. Chambers and E. Clarke. The songs were exceedingly well sung. Before the conclusion of the meeting, the committee of the Club were introduced by the Rev. Father Paschal Deeley to His Honour, who expressed the cordial hope that the Club would continue to flourish. The Club only came into existence 18 months ago and is full of vitality, and clearly fills a gap in the social life of the station. The members have now risen to 107.

(From Our Correspondent)
Bangalore, June 22
In view of the early consideration of the Arsikere-Mangalore line of railway Mr. Visvesaraya, Dewan of Mysore, has this week motored over the 135 miles of original alignment. At Mangalore he discussed the project with the local authorities and the citizens, and was assured at this conference of a guarantee to the extent of a quarter of the capital required by the District Board of Canara to cover the 60 miles of the line passing through British territory. Much enthusiasm was shown by the people at the prospect of the scheme being taken in hand after about twenty years of discussion. The matter will now be referred to the Mysore Railway experts in the light of the Dewan’s personal investigations along the entire route.

(From Our Correspondent)
Jherria, June 22
There has been cholera among the Club servants, so the bar is nominally closed, though members are allowed to order drinks "on their own responsibility." There has been some decrease in the amount of liquid refreshment served, since the promulgation of this notice! Polo has come to an untimely end, and the only object of interest on the polo ground now is Dr Jackson learning to drive the new Swift car presented to him by the Mining Association. He is making rapid progress, but still requires nearly as much room to manoeuvre in as an admiral of the "blue water" school. The growing importance of this coalfield is again demonstrated in this week’s Gazette. Another Deputy Magistrate has been deputed to Dhanbad to assist with the increasing case-work there.
Mr. Burt, Manager of Lakurka Colliery, has been fined one hundred rupees for keeping his dynamite in an unlicensed godown.
23 June, 1913