The dismissal of the appeal by the two directors and the general manager of the Bank of Burma against the sentences passed upon them by Mr. Justice Twomey will meet with general approval. It would indeed have been lamentable if, through any legal technicalty, the accused had escaped the consequences of their reprehensible proceedings. Many people of modest means had deposited their savings in the bank in the belief that the funds of the institution would be used in genuine banking business and not in the financing of speculative ventures in which certain of the directors engaged. The failure has accordingly caused much hardship to depositors, and the offence of the prisoners was aggravated by the fact that they continued to receive money when they must have been perfectly cognisant of the bank’s insolvency. Great ingenuity was expended during the course of the trial to prove that the last balance-sheet issued was not false to the knowledge of the accused, but the specious pleas advanced to this end proved unavailing, and the prisoners will now serve out the sentences imposed upon them.


How The Case Was Started
(From Our Correspondent)
Barisal, June 21
Mr. Nelson, Additional Magistrate, resumed the hearing of the Conspiracy Case this morning. Approver Rajanikanta Das was further examined by the prosecution pleader. Witness was then asked to identify the accused. They were brought out from the dock in batches of five before the approver. Of thirty-four accused present, witness identified eleven. The approver was then taken out of the box, and will be called later on for the purpose of the identification of the papers and other articles found at his house and in his possession when his house was searched by the Police.
22 June, 1913