Paying tribute to Bhimbar Deuri

That was an auspicious occasion to pay tribute to a dedicated tribal leader turned true nationalist, where the extraordinary contributions of Bhimbar Deuri (16 May 1903–30 November 1947) to the country, while it was preparing to adopt a new identity as a sovereign nation after decades of foreigner’s rule, were fondly remembered.

Complicated case of musical chairs

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s candidates’ list for the upcoming Assembly elections in Manipur has elicited widespread defections

Before polling begins

Manipur is in the grip of election fever even as Covid-19 cases keep steadily rising in the state

Crisis of credibility

There was an uproar on digital platforms recently when the traditional media outlets of Guwahati did not cover a particular issue related to the ruling party in Assam

Tears make very poor ink

The rest of the world has moved into the new year with hope and expectations, but Nagas cannot move on from Oting