The outbreak of COVID-19 has introduced the ‘new normal’ of working from home. As we strive to stay productive on the work front from the sweet confines of our homes, it has become imperative to create a well-organised formal space within the informal boundaries of our homes.

A well-defined, personalised workspace helps a great deal in productivity and motivates us to stay focussed. Consequently, products such as mobile phones, laptops and ergonomic home office furniture have gradually seen a rise in demand over the last three months. India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace Flipkart will help you with specially curated must-have products to create a perfect home office and ensure maximum productivity.

Here we’ve curated a list of some of those home essentials you may need for your home office.

Organizer with a pen holder

To stay focused and efficient at work, one of the first steps is to declutter your desk. Staying organized and having a clean desk can make a huge difference to your work output. So, if you have your pens and pencils lying all around, it’s time to get yourself a cool holder that will keep your things in a neat manner. Available in quirky designs and with multi-functional slots, you can pick from an interesting range of holders to suit your needs.

Protect your Laptop from overheating

The work from home setup has increased the usage of laptops. From office work to binging on Netflix, WFH must have taken a toll on your laptop. One can use a laptop cooling pad to safeguard your device from damage caused by overheating.

No more messy wires!

Increase the flexibility in your working by bringing in the Wireless Comfort Mouse. All you need to do is plug the wireless receiver into a USB port on your laptop, sync it and start using it. This sleek, lightweight, and portable mouse is a must have to optimise your work from home experience.

Bring the office ergonomics home

Are you looking for perfect office chairs and tables that will give office vibes at home? Your search is now over. These tables from Suncrown and Balaji and the comfortable chairs by Rajpura can spruce up your well-appointed work area. These aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically designed products will surely provide you comfort during your long working hours.

Say no to tangles!

With this beautifully designed OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bluetooth Headset, one can experience low-latency, high-quality immersive audio, no matter where you are. From taking work calls to jamming out to your favourite tunes, this device comes with a Quick Switch feature that lets you switch to different devices seamlessly.


Work and time management are important in every field, therefore making a daily task list is important. What better than placing a whiteboard in front of your home workplace to put together your to-do list and note down important notes such as ideas, presentation talk points or contact numbers immediately.

Motivational wall posters/frames and Indoor plants

Whether or not we fully accept it, we are all greatly influenced by our surroundings and small tweaks can change our mood, behaviour, and our vibe. A simple motivational quote or a plant near our workspace can change your attitude and set you on the right path. You can get your hands on such paper posters and frames and Two Layer Bamboo Plant, for that extra push of productivity.