If life teaches you the best, nature teaches us almost everything about life. Take tender steps to get closer to nature.

Our forefathers lived in the lap of nature and worshiped nature. Generations lived and we live by the wisdom they passed down.  After all, being with nature is the art of living. Take a closer walk with nature each day and live a life full of wisdom, peace and happiness.

Now, if you are wondering how, as you are rustling around whole day or cooped up inside four walls every day, try taking little tender steps.  Just three steps may draw you closer to nature.

1. Look out, look around

Look out the window when you wake up each morning and welcome the morning light streaming through the room. Look at the sky, notice the weather, feel the coolness of the day. Breath in the freshness and peaceful light of the dawn.

Look at the beauty around you. The beautiful plants and trees around the house and along the way. The small butterfly flitting from one spot to the other. The two pigeons that come visiting you every morning. The small sparrow or the squirrel that quickly try to run past you.

Look at the drooping flower as it wilts in the sun, the fallen leaves you are treading on. It once gave you shade and happiness.

2. Fill your life with nature’s beauty

If you are blessed with a garden space, plant a tree or more and watch them grow. Know the name of the tree or shrub you planted. Learn about seasonal fruits, vegetables and flowers. Be filled with knowledge.

If space constraint is the problem, plant a pot of flower or vegetables. The more the merrier. Watch them grow from seedling to saplings. Watch them flower and bear fruits. Let them fill your heart with priceless joy.

Tomatoes, chilli, bitter gourd and basil are easy to grow.  Grow green plants in a vase of water and beautify your house with fresh green plants.

Bring home some cut fresh flowers and smell the different fragrances and fill your dwelling place with beauty and sweet fragrance.

3. Indulge in outdoor activities

Take a walk or run in the park or in the woods. Or just sit still. Look at the things around. The soil, stones, plants, insects and birds. Listen to the sound of different insects and birds.

For a longer time outdoor, run a trail and feel the wind against your face, see the beauty of the green or rocky trails and landscapes.

Hitch a hike or go trekking. Enjoy and overnight camping by the riverside. Watch the river flow and listen to the water gurgling away or the deafening sound of the mighty waterfall.

Head to the beach and be by the sea or sail away.  Feel the splendid white sand, the green and blue warm water on your skin. Watch the high rolling waves, the glorious sunrise and sunsets.  Listen to the sound of the waving palm leaves. Take a look at the crawling sea insects and marine lives.

Rush to the mountains. Spend a night in the forest. Spot your favourite animal. Pluck some wild flowers and berries for your loved ones. Follow the path to the forests and fields and you will never lose your way.