It's pastel pink and sometimes white. It's small, yet this fragrant flower brings hope and happiness.

The Indian Hawthorn grows wild. It blooms in May and is known as the birth flower of the month.

While it grows slowly, the low shrub turns into a big, beautiful bough of flowers when in full bloom under the sun.

These pink and white fragrant flowers are truly a joyous sight to behold when it blossoms forth. And when not in bloom, the plant remains evergreen throughout the year.

How to grow Indian Hawthorn

The plant, which scientific name is Rhaphiolepsis Indica, is easy to grow. 

It grows well in sunny places and needs little watering.

It needs little care and pruning. Pruning of the shrub can be done after the flowering season. All you may need to do is remove dead twigs and leaves. The plant stays in good shape even without pruning.

Although they are ideal for seaside as it can tolerate salty soil and water, it can be grown in pots and containers. The leafy shrubs which stays green throughout the year gives a refreshing touch to a place.

They can also be grown as hedge around the house.