Tips to choose right cosmetics to look young and beautiful

The right selection of makeup can add much more allure to your face and give you a new look.

Tips to choose right cosmetics to look young and beautiful

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No matter what we say, we all need to wear the right makeup. Buying cosmetics is something that requires knowledge and passion. The right selection of makeup can add much more allure to your face and give you a new look.

Things to be kept in mind while shopping for different facial cosmetic products:

Moisturiser: Wear a moisturiser or cream that doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. It should blend easily leaving no patches. A good moisturiser is perfect for daily wear.


Concealer: It should be convenient to apply. The texture should be thick, smooth and soft. The pigmentation should be really good. It should blend easily covering your dark circles. It should last for hours and should not cause the skin to dry.

Foundation: The foundation you pick should be free from preservatives. Opt for a completely vegetarian product. A good foundation does not melt or oxidise or cause breakouts. Not only should its lasting power be good but it should blend smoothly with your skin.

Compact: The texture of your compact should be soft and subtle having a smooth matte finish. It should cover light blemishes and control oil for hours after application. A good compact blends very well with skin leaving no trace of chalkiness. If it provides sun-protection, then it will be cherry on the cake.

Loose powder: If you use loose powder, pick the one having light weight and completely translucent natural finish.

Bronzer: Bronzer should be thick in texture and extremely pigmented so as to leave a lovely dark shade upon application. It should be smooth, blendable and must last for hours.

Blush: Your blush should contain a lot of shimmers. It should possess the quality of a highlighter that is smooth in texture and powerful in staying on. Choose a shade that blends well with your skin.

Eye shadow: Go for gorgeous metallic shades. Shimmery is trendy. Your eye shadow should be easily spreadable without creasing. You can find both wet and dry shadows over the counters. The choice is completely yours.

Kajal pencil: It should be soft and creamy so that it glides smoothly on the waterline. It should be smudge-proof giving an intense black look for perfectly defined eyes. The staying power should really be high.

Mascara: Always use waterproof mascara. The curled brush should ease the application providing the best effect of thick black finish. It should be easy to remove with any makeup remover without any smudging and should also have an average staying power of six hours.

Lipstick: Select the lipsticks that are very light on your lips and have a staying power of six to eight hours without fading. The colours should be attractive. Whether you go for a matte texture or shining one, it should be hydrating.

Nail polish: Fabulous bright shades of nail paints attract women badly. The nail paint should have a good consistency. It should be creamy and thick providing good coverage and glossy finish. It should dry quickly and stay on for a few days without chipping.

Mousse: Mousse controls oil to a great extent leaving behind a fresh look. It evens out the skin tone and hides the minor skin imperfections. Choose a mousse that has a silky texture and the one which settles to a matte finish. It should stay for hours.

Good cosmetic brands keep on innovating and upgrading their collection. Their products are available for all skin types – dry, oily and normal. You will have countless reasons to love makeup if you choose the correct one. Make your valuable money worth spending on cosmetics.

The right makeup can make you feel more beautiful and self-confident. Feel obsessed!