Spending quality time with children

‘Our existence and joys are associated with children, the treasure of our life.’

Spending quality time with children

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As quoted by John Kennedy, “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”. Our existence and joys are associated with children, the treasure of our life. It is for them that we work hard; it is because of their mere presence, chirpy chatter and sweet smile, that our lives become perfect and meaningful. They are the keys of paradise, the best gifts bestowed upon us by the Almighty. And so, it becomes our sole responsibility to provide a comfortable, relaxed, blissful and secure life to them.

Childhood is about innocence and playfulness. It is about joy and freedom. Plan it in a way, the memories of which, they cherish for a lifetime.

Ways to surprise them and make your children feel special.

Decorate your House: For children, their house is their dreamland, their zone of comfort and ease, the place where they can relax and rejuvenate. Beautify their paradise and turn it into a fantasy of their liking. Surprise them by adorning it in a different way, with their favourite theme. For example, one can decorate the house with balloons or by using some theme as Chhota Bheem theme or Noddy theme.


Make a treat/ Bake a cake: Imagine the smile on your child’s sweet little face, when you cook her favourite dishes. Be it Baking a Cake or preparing a scrumptious meal, a day full of mouth-watering delicacies is, for sure, a treat for them. What’s more! Involve them in preparation of their dishes and you will be surprised to have, among you, talented cooks, with their creativity showcasing before you. Share your childhood activities/stories:Re-create your childhood with your children. The best way is to involve them and recall your own childhood activities. Recollect the simple games you played when you were their age. Teach them and engage them in your activities. It would be fun to observe them perform those activities and a brilliant way to connect to you.

Play games/sports of your child’s interests: Due to your busy lifestyle; you do not get to spend much time with your little ones. So, spend quality time with them, by playing board games or other indoor as well as outdoor games of their choice. This would definitely make their day.

Organise Surprise Picnics/ Nature Walks: A wonderful way to amaze our dear children is to take them on a surprise picnic to an area with lots of greenery, in other words, in the lap of nature. This would be a welcome change from their daily mundane and a perfect opportunity to breathe and play in fresh air. It can also be converted into a camping trip, to add a little spice to the outing.

Plant a Tree: What a fantastic way to teach the essence of creation to our little children! The best teaching is through practical experience and demonstration. Educate them to be nature enthusiasts, to inculcate in them the love for environment. Coach them to conserve nature, protect it from all harms and also to plant more and more flora, to help turn our planet into a beautiful green paradise.

Read Together: Take out time to read to them some good fairy tales or stories with morals. It would be an accurate method to inculcate moral values in them, as well as to arouse their creativity and thinking process. Make this a regular practice as not only would it improve their vocabulary, but would also enable them to be imaginative and innovative.

Plan a movie together: Plan an outing, preferably to a movie, with your little ones. Make the right choice of taking them to a movie of their taste, something which can be educative and at the same time, entertaining. Ask them questions related to the movie later by discussing about it so as to evaluate their comprehension of it. This is an efficacious way to read their mind and be informative about their thinking process.

In the words of Charles R Swindoll, “Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”

(Executive Director of Shemrock Preschools & Founder Director of Shemford Futuristic Schools)