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Lucifer is Coming Back to Life is an intriguing cafe offering wholesome food

Zara Ryan |

A cafe whose name is as intriguing as its food! Lucifer is Coming Back to Life incorporates Continental and Chinese food, which is in sync with the five elements of nature.

Located in Lake Avenue, it accommodates 90 unique seating arrangements including a kid’s corner and a plush grass-covered basement, dimly lit and set against the lilt of soft and soulful music.

“Lucifer means ‘bringing light’ —it is derived from the Latin lux, ‘light’ and ferre, ‘to bring’, which is also used to denote the planet Venus. We all have a mini cosmos within ourselves — the five elements of earth, water, air, fire and the spirit. The world is so full of negativity but the elements help us sync with our natural instinct of happiness and peace,” said co-owner Abhishek Roy a former banker, who, along with Meenakshi Roy, specialising in parapsychology, decided to gift something divine to society.

Pancake Stack


The new breakfast menu and summer special menu launched recently consist of light, fresh and wholesome food that makes one feel refreshed yet satisfied.

The pancake stack comprising four fluffy cinnamon pancakes with whipped cream and honey, or eggs to order with potato wedges and sausages from the breakfast menu are available from 8.30 to 10.30 am.

The Roast Lemon Chicken Salad — a tangy combination of crisp lettuce, tart dried apricots and cranberries combined with zesty chicken — is the highlight of the summer special menu.

The penne with mushroom and parmesan is a comforting bowl full of cheesy pasta and fresh vegetables that fills the stomach and the soul.

One should complement their meal with a Green Apple Mojito or Cold Coffee with ice-cream to ensure that they feel Zen-like once the eating is done!