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Why is your smart-watch pushing you to walk 10000 steps?

Humans are designed by nature to walk! That’s why your smart-watch is reminding you to walk, 10000 steps per day.

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

It is much more than just a fashion statement.

What does your gym trainer tell you to do on the first day of gym?

To walk the treadmill

You are a bit overweight and cannot perform intricate exercises, what is the first thing you do?

You start to walk

Which is the first major activity you did, a few days after you were born?


So it is clear that walking is very important. In fact, it is the core of human existence. The human body was made that way. Nature created all living beings and shaped them according to their natural surroundings. The abilities of each creature were developed as per their need of survival. Fish have fins and gals to survive in water. Birds have hollow bones to assist their flight. All wild creatures that live in the forest have either a defense mechanism or attack mechanism. This scheme of events keeps the food chain moving.

Humans are designed by nature to walk! That’s why your smart-watch is reminding you to walk, 10000 steps per day. It wants you to connect with your natural instinct.

Do we really need a smart-watch to remind us to walk?

Look back a few years and imagine the lifestyle of your parents and grandparents. I bet you imagine them walking long distances. As times changed, our lifestyle took a turn. Cities and metropolitan areas expanded. It is not possible to walk across long distances. We have the luxury of traveling by cars, bikes and public transport. But, with every development comes some adversity. We are engulfed in luxury and we have forgotten to walk. Amidst all this, our smart-watch has emerged as a savior. It is good that it is pushing us to walk. You may not walk 10000 steps on the first day, but you will make a start and reach the goal in some days.

Hitting the gym is not for everyone

If you live in a big metro city, you have a hectic life. You have your college or office and distances are far off. Most people spend a substantial part of their day traveling to and from work or college. So, it is understandable that after a long and tiring day, you are drained of all the energy. You simply cannot hit the gym or you do not feel like going out in the jogger’s park. So how do you keep fit? Here’s how your smart-watch comes to the rescue. You keep looking at the number of steps you walked throughout the day. Surprisingly it works! In a few days you develop a habit of walking. Bingo! No need to rely on the gym to keep fit.

Early humans and walking

We were born to walk. It is the best form of exercise known to mankind. Not only does it keep your blood circulation flowing. It keeps many ailments at bay. Our previous generations walked several kilometers every day. No doubt, they were the fitter human race. Our grandpa’s generation lived hale and hearty for more than 80 years on average. The crux of good health was, of course, walking.

Benefits of walking as listed in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the ancient science of the human body. It makes you connect with the nature around and be in unison. Below is the list of benefits of walking as mentioned in ancient medical scriptures:

–        It promotes health of the brain

–        It boosts your mood

–        It keeps depression at bay

–        It improves sleep quality

–        It strengthens joints, bones and muscles

–        It improves cardiovascular fitness

–        It improves overall energy level of the body

Above all, it keeps you fit and in perfect shape.

Even if you are relying on your smart-watch to walk those steps every day, you are doing a great job. Keep breaking your records, keep pushing yourself and be in your best shape!