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Secrets your dermatology professional wants you to get informed about

Skin care is more than just exfoliating and cleaning your skin.

Dr. Mala Malik | New Delhi |

Your outside body shows how well are you keeping your inside body.Skin care is more than just exfoliating and cleaning your skin. It also includes healthy diet, getting enough sleep and working out.

Treating your skin gently with healthy diets and products is of utmost importance. Even if you don’t have time for comprehensive skin care routine a basic regime of washing your face daily can be maintained and helps in the long run.

Everyone desires for a clear skin which is free of acne and blemish and it won’t be a dream if you are taking care of it efficiently.

Below are few daily beauty secrets that your dermatology professional wants you to keep in mind:

  1. Always make sure to remove your make up before falling into your bed because like your body your skin also needs to breathe overnight.Also, if you hit your pillow without washing your face dirt will come to your pillow and later to your skin. Leaving your makeup overnight can block your pores causing acnes and blackheads.
  2. Minimize your caffeine intake; make it once a day to keep your skin hydrated. For every single cup of coffee you have to drink two glass of water because too much of caffeine will dry out your skin and will lead to wrinkles and breakouts.
  3. Apply Sunscreen daily of up to SPF 30 at least, before going out to protect your skin from sun and dust exposure which causes wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems. Never skipsunscreen even if it’s cloudy outside and especially when you are travelling to a beach or around reflective areas such as snow or ice.
  4. You are simply what you eat daily. Increase the intake of foods containing all types of Vitamins and decrease food containing high fats and sugar. Also avoid intake of fermented and spicy food, instead take a turn at green leafy vegetables.
  5. Sweating out germs from your body through exercise will help you in increasing blood circulation, and accelerate the cleansing process by taking out all the dirt. Never skip skincare routine before and after workout, always cleanse and moisturize before and after workout.
  6. Keeping your body relaxed is the best way to take care of yourself.Also, never forget to wash your face after and before sleep.
  7. Quit smoking! If you want youthful skin for long then you have to stop smoking instantly. Smoking regularly damages your collagen and elastin, and decreases blood flow making your skin look pale.
  8. Take care of your skin gently, by limiting your bath time as hot water and long showers remove moisture from your skin causing skin rashes. Also, include mild soaps in your routine and never forget to moisturize your skin after shower.
  9. People say your face is the mirror of your mind. If your mind is calm and you are stress free your skin will start showing the results. Start taking steps to manage your stress which includes sleeping, meditating and doing things you enjoy.
  10. Healthy, beautiful and youthful skin can be achieved easily by keeping your lifestyle healthy. Eating good foods and minerals will keep your skin radiant. Look for the products which suit your skin. Stay healthy to look beautiful.


(The Author Dr. Mala Malik is Dermatologist, Doctor Insta)