As the summer heat begins to soar, one needs to drink fluids and eat food that keeps the body cooland healthy. Fruit and vegetable salads are good option to control body heat. Also, in most cultures, salad is a way to gain good health. Certain vitamins, minerals and vital enzymes in vegetables are destroyed while cooking. So, having those vegetables, which can be eaten raw instead of being cooked maximises the utilisation of its nutritional content.

Cooking process powers up nutrients in some vegetables but does the opposite in others. Check out a few classic salads from different cuisines around the world based on tempering and dressings with traditional spices, herbs and dips.

Indian salad

Fresh and fibrous, packed with nutrition, Indian salad is all about raw vegetables, fresh fruits and sprouts. Blended with natural flavours and aromas, these bright and colourful salads give a refreshing kick during summer time. These are tossed with flavourful dressings, making them enjoyable with any meal.

Russian salad

The combination of fresh fruits and veggies in a single salad is unique and healthy. Russian salad recipes use boiled potatoes, carrots and other fresh vegetables and fruits topped with fresh yogurt or mayonnaise dressing. Cooked chicken or boiled eggs can also be used in it. These are mouth-watering and tempting. Easy to prepare and delicious, it provides health. They are served chilled. It is good to be consumed as snack as well.

Mexican salad

It includes taco salad, bean salad, chicken quinoa salad and jicama salad with a sprinkling of cilantro, lemon juice and so on. These salads go well with Mexican style dishes. Loaded with peppers, jalapenos and cheddar cheese tossed in spicy farm dressings, you may eat these yum salads with crackers or tostadas. These are the salads you will crave for.

French salad

A nice combo of cooked baby potatoes, boiled eggs, lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, olives and tuna or chicken, French salad is an important part of every meal in France. Plain green salad known as Salad Verte is the most famous variety and placed on the table with main course meal. Wonderfully fresh, it’s tasty and extremely healthy. Just make them for light snacking. Refreshing & colourful

Spanish salad

Baby spinach, Boston and Romaine lettuce torn into pieces, wedges of tomatoes, thin slices of Spanish onions, green olives with lemon drops and delicious dressings. The wide range from exceptional combinations to elaborate compositions seasoned with finest and freshest ingredients of Spanish origin and extra virgin olive oil is ideal to munch any time of the day. A classic sauce made of dried red pepper, hazelnuts and almonds with cheese gives extra moisture to this salad. Completely refreshing, sweet and salty, vivid in colour and a perfect side dish!