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Recipe for a perfect day

Go easy on the mind and turn a simple routine day into a sunshine day.

SNS | New Delhi |

Wishing for a perfect day? Could a perfect day be just a wishful thinking? May be not. Well, to many, the thought of it may seem a far fetch one as you struggle with the hectic daily grind of working through the day each day. And a perfect day could mean different thing to different people. But if a joy-filled day is your idea of a perfect day, a simple humour recipe can make your day.

Everyday may be just another day as one is always hustling through all the hassles and bustles of life to wrap up the day’s work. You are running against time to do all the things you have to do. So, where’s the time to laugh and be merry.

But nothing is impossible. A simple routine day can turn out to be the best sunshine day. Just a dash of wit and humour may be all the mantra you need to fill your day with joy and happiness.

You need not go anywhere. A simple day spent in a room crackling with wit and humour can turned out to be the perfect day. Humour and laughter can lighten all your cares and brighten your day.

A simple word. Just a line of humour can get everyone in the room laughing. And where there is laughter, there is happiness and peace.

All that laughter in the room can drive away all the blues and ease your mind and body. A relaxed mind and body can help one function better at work too.

Nothing can be better than a day filled with humour and laughter.

So, go easy on the mind and things you want to say to each other. Don’t stop. Don’t hold back to say something funny.  Try to see the lighter side of things. Go ahead. Get your funny bones out. Laugh and be merry. Let a good dose of laughter keep you mentally, emotionally and physically healthy. And have a perfect happy day each day.