Perfect hues to dress up in colourful spring — vibrant, fresh and fun!

If you live in muted tones, you could be missing the trick of embracing the most live season of the year, ‘Spring’

Perfect hues to dress up in colourful spring — vibrant, fresh and fun!

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Adding a hint of vibrant hues to your wardrobe in the spring season is always a good idea and finding the trendy shades that work best for your appearance in the current season will make your look pop. Discover a variety of colour shades for your spring clothing collection that can lighten up your style and make everyone turning their heads.

Fuchsia pink: Cool, warm or neutral undertones in your skin, along with your eye colour and hair colour can help you decide which fuchsia pink will look best on you. This colour looks bold and vibrant with teal. You can pair it with indigo, all shades of whites and creams, lighter tones of pink and hues of berry red. Fuchsia with tangerine gives an attractive fruity opulent look. It can also work great with chocolate colour when used wisely. You can team it with all the pastels too.

Sunny yellow: If your skin tone is warm, sunny yellow will flatter you. However, other yellow-based colours, such as orange, tan, mustard and coral also look flattering, so you may opt for those tones as well. Try to steer clear of dull shades and pick these true bright hues. Dusky shades may drain your look. So embrace this colour to enhance your spring complexion.


Scarlet red: Spring types suit true bright such as scarlet red. A hue that seems to be stuck somewhere between red and orange is the perfect style statement for the season. Spring is not meant for icy pastels. Scarlet red looks brilliant with a tinge of orange symbolising courage, passion, force, joy and heat. It has always been a go-to-hue for adventurous spring season. This colour is seen as both traditional and a top trend of the season. It can blend well with almost any colour combination of your dressing scheme. The trick to pull scarlet red makes a welcome addition to your wardrobe after several wintry months of grey and black.

Turquoise: Wear this colour and be prepared to turn many heads. Turquoise is often assumed as one of the most powerful colour trends in the spectrum, the allure of this colour is undeniable. With all this appealing, turquoise is one of the top trending colours of the season you would love to wear. It will lend you cheery energy – truly classy colour, yet fun!

Emerald green: Look for a jewel toned hue to create a look that is glam and modern in your spring collection. The colour fashions the most impressive look giving a touch of purity, energy and freshness to your outfit. It is not by chance that we love spring season when everything is in blossom and it is green all around. Emerald green, a symbol of life, nature and opulence is the most elegant shade in the colour wheel that can give you a magical look when worn. The best thing about this colour is that it can flatter literally everyone, regardless of skin tone, hair and eye colour and one’s personal style.

Shades of peach: They are the most flattering shades for those having the dark cool skin tones ranging from fair or olive to medium brown or dark brown. The subtle yet vibrant hues from the pastel family look glam and always remain trendy in spring season. The trick lies in combining them with different tones of fabrics and accessories. So follow the new peach combinations for your impressive look. These shades look fresh and hot and you can combine them well with other palates. There are jeans, gowns, coats, shirts, dresses, shoes and glasses in peach. Find out your best peach combo for the gorgeous spring.

Neon green: It is one of the favourite shades of green that represents rest and relaxation. Like spring season, this colour is calming too. Neon green is neither too dark nor too bright and it goes with several colour tones in the colour wheel. The hot trendy colour is a great way to set the mood for the season. This lively colour has a refreshing connection to the nature that lifts the spirits and undoubtedly it is very eye-caching. Wearing it with hot pink would be as loud as a bold print and that signals a certain kind of confidence.

If you live in muted tones or black, you could be missing the mantra of enjoying this season. Often, right choice of colours can be flattering and make you stand out from the crowd. They can make you look healthier, feel more confident and even change your whole attitude towards yourself.

Knowing which colour family you belong to can help you to figure out exactly which hues will flatter you. Wearing one of ‘your’ colour complementing your face will light up your entire look.

If you want that colour of your clothes stays the main focus, keep your look simple.

Have a most fabulous spring collection!