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Parsi New Year 2018: Where to eat

On this auspicious day, people pray for their good health, wealth and prosperity.

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The Parsi community across the nation is looking forward to celebrate the Parsi New Year tomorrow (17 August).  Parsis, also known as Zoroastrians, are one of the oldest monotheistic classes established by Zoroaster. And they commemorate their arrival and acceptance into their new homeland in this month.

On this auspicious day, people pray for their good health, wealth and prosperity.

The Parsi New Year is also known as ‘Jamshedi Navroz’. It’s named after the legendary Persian king, Jamshed, who had started the Parsi Calendar and Navroz, which meaning ‘new day’.

Being one of the major festivals for Zoroastrians, the celebration includes a grand scrumptious feast which brings friends and families together.

While the Parsis will be celebrating their new year in their own style, every one can join in the celebrations by digging into delicious Parsi cuisine.

Those living in  Delhi NCR can indulge in a gastronomic experience at these places that specialise in Parsi food:


1.  Taj Mahal Hotel

Taj Mahal Hotel New Delhi
Taj Mahal Hotel New Delhi (Photo: Pinterest)


The five star hotel has a special Nowruz menu with an exquisite delicacy spread.

Items include:  Jardaloo salli margi (Chicken cooked with apricots and garnished with potato straws)

Khara Papeta ( Potato tossed with mustard seed, curry leaf and  brown onion )

Desserts like Lagan nu Custard (a baked condense milk with edu)


2.   SodaBottleOpenerwala


A cosy and  casual dining iranian cafe with good ambiance. A few of the dishes include:

Salli Boti (a traditional Parsi mutton curry topped with crispy matchstick potato-served with pav/wheat bran pav)

Chicken Sanju Baba (Chicken on-the-bone cooked in an onion based gravy with whole spices, saffron, buttermilk and sliced almond)


3.   Rustom’s


This casual dining restaurant in the heart of Delhi has a special Parsi wedding feast menu along with items such as ‘Poro’, a traditional Parsi omelette served with 2 pieces of toasts, and Chicken vindaloo ( chicken prepared in a spicy Parsi vindaloo gravy)