Nisha Guragain from Nepal has done wonders at the age of just 22 with her tiktok mantra making her a social media star over night. This young lady with no family support or a big daddy in the industry managed all by herself and today is one of the renowned stars.

Her journey from Nepal to Mumbai was never easy. Giving no excuses or reasons, Nisha crossed all the hurdles and left no stone unturned to achieve her dreams.

Nisha Guragain today is considered to be one of the top tiktok stars. Her lip-sync musical video ‘Mujhe Yaad Hai Aata Teri Wo Nazrein Milana’ went viral and got many likes on TikTok. Nisha has many followers on TikTok and is a popular face on Instagram. Her debut song ‘Na Ladeya Kar’ was highly appreciated giving her a number of opportunities ahead.

Nisha is also a social media influencer and has collaborated with a number of fashion and lifestyle brands.

Her way of making love with the camera leaves the photographers awestruck. With her persona and charm, Nisha has managed to conquer a number of hearts.

Nisha also introduces her Instagram fan fam to latest trends and ongoing fashion designs which one can pick easily.

Nisha loves to live a simple life with her family and friends.