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Navratras 2017: Turn Navratri fast into a feast

Don’t sweat anymore, spending hours in kitchen to prepare food for Navratri fasts.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |


This year, Sharad Navratri begins on September 21 and ends on September 29. During this holy period of nine days and nine nights, nine incarnations of maa Shakti are worshipped throughout India and fasting is observed by the followers.

Fasting during Navratras is a way of paying gratitude to the goddess of health, wealth, strength and prosperity.

Availability of pure and hygienic Navratri fast food away from home has contributed a lot to the trend of keeping fast among people. Those who’re working can also keep the fast with an ease now.

People who are familiar with Navratri fasting know how delicious preparations are done during these auspicious days.

Increased obsession among people for Navratri fasts, advertising and promotion by large food chains, affordability of people and shortage of time for cooking food for fast are various factors which have compelled many good restaurants to serve the most delicious food during Navratri with the Navratri special menu especially in Delhi/NCR.

Special food you can have outdoor during navratri fast

Special Navratri thali

Many good restaurants have introduced special thali for Navratri. It includes shahi paneer, aloo tamatar ki subji, pineapple raita, samak rice, kuttu poori, sabudana papad, salad and a sweet dish. What else do you need in Navratri menu? They are delicious, hygienic and reasonable in price too.

Vrat wali tikki chaat

This delicious dish is specially made by many tikki chaat corners on Navratri. Here you can get vrat wali fruit salad and crispy aloo chat besides aloo tikki. Chaat walas in every nook and corner make these scrumptious street foods during these days due to large demand of people. You just have to sort out few who cook in just the right way with all hygiene and purity. Look for an authentic chaat shop on which you can rely for your Navratra vrat chaat.

Royal Navratra platter

Arbi ki subji, chirongi ki dal, sighara paratha, rassedaar aloo, khatta meetha kaddu and a sweet delicacy is a delicious menu option to strike out balance between fasting and feasting. You can head to any well-known traditional fast food joint for a plethora of delicacies.

Dry fruit kulfi

Kulfi is a must after having heavy fasting meal. You can have it any time during fasts as it is made of milk and dry fruits only. Navratra fast special badam malai kulfi is so much full of authentic flavours that you can’t say no to it. Kulfi makers have put together interesting recipes with mouth-watering twists to the traditional process for those observing fast.

Special Navratri sweet delicacies

During Navratras, you can dwell on many sugary sweets that melt in the mouth. Sev Badam at Chaina Ram, Milk cake at Gopala, Kesar Rasmalai at Standard burfee, Coconut Burfi at Bharat sweet House and Milk Mysore Pak at Sarvana Bhawan are rich desserts which are absolutely delicious and a treat for both, those who are not fasting and those on fast.

What else does anyone wish? If you’re working somewhere and have no time to cook fast food, even then you can seek the blessings of Maa Durga by keeping Navratri fasts.

Happy Navratri to all!