National working mom’s day: Your guide to self-care

Celebrate National Working Mom’s Day by empowering moms with essential self-care tips for balancing health and responsibilities.

National working mom’s day: Your guide to self-care

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The person we all look up to as we grow up is our mother. With their go-getter, never-give-up attitude, working moms are undeniably the most indomitable spirits one could encounter. They inspire us on how to handle every aspect of life in a balanced way, managing work tasks on one hand and successfully meeting deadlines and handling client calls on the other. However, while working mothers might excel at managing work, household chores, and children single-handedly, they often end up neglecting their health, leading to lifelong severe issues. As we celebrated March 12 as National Working Mom’s Day yesterday, here are some tips on how working moms can prioritize their health by making small tweaks in their everyday lifestyle.

Prioritize “me-time”

Simply focusing on sleeping hours and diet isn’t everything. Prioritizing me-time, where you engage in activities you love, is crucial for increased productivity, focus, and general well-being. Whether it’s spending 30 minutes reading a book with a cup of coffee in the morning or going for a walk before the kids wake up for school, setting aside time for yourself is crucial for improvement.

Stay active

Managing household chores, chasing after kids to get them ready for school, or rushing to work to ensure you make it to meetings on time, finding time to stay active can be challenging. However, incorporating some form of physical exercise into your daily schedule for at least 4-5 days a week helps combat the signs of a sedentary lifestyle. Whether it’s attending an online Zumba class or going to yoga or the gym, staying active will have a positive impact on your life.


Take your vitamins and calcium supplements

Studies have shown that women often suffer from low bone density as they age. Hence, taking your vitamins and calcium supplements on time is essential, along with consuming the right nutritional food.

Do not compromise on sleep

With numerous responsibilities demanding your attention, working mothers often compromise on sleep, which is essential for their well-being. Insufficient sleep can eventually lead to anxiety, stress, and cognitive decline. Hence, always prioritize getting the sleep your body and mind need.

Keep your meals nutritious and simple

As a working mother, there isn’t always enough time to focus on preparing your own meals, leading to grabbing food from outside during work or simply settling for something from the fridge due to exhaustion. A practical idea would be to prepare meals during the weekends and organize important meals so that you don’t have to do all the groundwork, including shredding, chopping, and cutting every day. This ensures that you don’t skip meals and get the adequate nutrition your body requires.

In summary, these are just some tips that not only working mothers but also stay-at-home mothers can follow because self-nurturing is crucial for a healthy, balanced life. Happy National Working Mom’s day!