Monsoon is a season of pakoras, puddle splash, and partying with friends, but for working professionals, these fun activities are reserved only for weekends. Besides, monsoon increases wardrobe worries of the working women. Though men can manage the downpours with some extra pairs of jeans, t-shirts, and a black umbrella, women cannot get dolled up regularly with the off-shoulder tops and sporty culottes, especially when one’s whole day is packed with back-to-back meetings. Monsoon can be a great season for women to flaunt their style statement if the wardrobe is furnished in advance with the right mix of weather friendly couture. From a super sober A-line midi for Mondays to uber comfy roll-up sleeve jumpsuits for Fridays, these days, outgoing working women have countless clothing options, and below are the selected few.

A tinge of formal look with jackets

Jackets are the simplest ways to double up your grace. If leather and fur jackets are best to keep you warm in winter, printed long jackets in cotton, rayon, or viscose not only protect your top or kurta from dust and drizzle but also elegantly embellish your silhouette. Moreover, jackets can be worn with both ethnic and fusion dresses, and if the colour and design of the jacket are not too bright and gaudy, it often qualifies among formal dresses.

Switch to stylish palazzos

No need to be afraid of the rain and puddles as long as your wardrobe has a shelf for palazzos. These ankle-length reincarnations of trousers are easy to carry on all floors and can be paired perfectly with all sorts of tops, tunics, kurtas, and even with long-sleeved shirts. These loose-fit palazzos remain straight, even when you get stuck in the rain on your way to the office. Secondly, as palazzos come in multiple patterns, it’s your choice, whether you want to wear it like a trouser, salwar, or a layered skirt.

Skirts and middies, made for every season

Since school days, every girl knows that skirts are part of formal dressing and they are the most comfortable attire ever made. With or without stockings, woollen or cotton, and frilled or straight, a skirt is the easiest choice for every season and occasion. While skirts show a more peppy side of your personality, middies, on the other hand, are the typical power dressing for the corporate women and suits well with c-level personalities.

Jump away all odds with jumpsuits

After juggling with challenges, tasks, and targets from Monday to Thursday, every working woman wants to welcome the weekend with an easy mind and thoughts. And, as one’s clothes illustrate one’s mood, adorning oneself in the right apparel is must to embrace weekend festivities in the right way. Jumpsuits are all about fast and unbounded fashion, which is comfortable yet stylish. They keep the body active and soul animated, that’s why they are always the quintessential items of working women wardrobe.

( Nidhi Yadav, Creative Head & Founder AKS Clothings)