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How to maintain a healthy marriage and why is it important?

There are imperfections persisting in every shape or form. So, comparing your marriage to others is not healthy and is a shunned practice.

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It is important that we start by saying that no marriage is perfect. No single matrimonial relationship can be broadcasted as the desired ideal. There are imperfections persisting in every shape or form. So, comparing your marriage to others is not healthy and is a shunned practice.

These are some of the ways to help you maintain a healthy marriage:

1. Equal Participation

Anything it is from household chores to any other thing, there should be equal participation. Gone are the days when gender roles prevailed. Now, if you slack in your responsibilities a leaf of disharmony will germinate which can destroy any marriage.

2. Don’t expect perfection from the get-go. Scope for growth.

Carrying unrealistic expectations from your marriage could be extremely dangerous. Don’t expect perfection from the get-go. We grow as time passes and time treats a marriage the same. Allow some space for growth.

3. Compromise

Expecting your partner will trot your way and always fall in line is an immature ambition. You need to learn the language of compromise and sacrifice. Respect your partner’s wishes and they will too.

4. Travel together

When you travel with your partner to different places you will build a stronger bond. Travelling allows for different experiences in the basket of your life.

5. Be a guiding hand to each other

The habit or the urge to throw taunts at your partner and, finding opportunities will raise the toxicity in your marriage. Instead, you should help each other whenever you see your partner struggling. No one knows everything and have to learn. Help your partner. Guide them and be with them when they need it the most.

6. Stop comparing

The foremost thing to dispose of is the habit of comparing your partner with others. Different people have their own strengths and weaknesses. They have a different temperament, nature, background, etc. Comparing will trigger fighting in a marriage.

After discussing the ways to maintain a healthy marriage it is imperative that we also discuss its importance.

Maintaining a healthy marriage is important for the following reasons:

1. Builds strong relationship

If matrimony is breathing a clean and healthy wind then the relationship between the spouses will live a harmonious existence. There will be no trust issues and only occasional arguments.

2. To avoid unnecessary fighting

To think that there will never be an argument between you and your partner is a fool’s ambition. You can’t agree on things all the time which is not a thing of shame. But, making efforts for a healthy marriage will contain all the unnecessary fighting that would ensue if a marriage is not tendered to.

3. Maintains trust

Though trust is a prerequisite for a healthy marriage, when you put the effort into your marriage it begets trust. When your partner will notice all the little things you do for them they will vest even greater trust in you.

(Author: Jeevika Sharma is a little-known but established guidance counsellor and tarot card reader who has been working towards creating awareness about holistic healing and therapies. Jeevika has five years + experience in helping people with their problems through tarot cards)