Last minute gifts for Diwali

Diwali is close in time and everybody is in a festive mood. If you haven’t found there perfect gift already, here’s a round up of what you can pick up last minute from candles

Last minute gifts for Diwali

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Diwali is close in time and everybody is in a festive mood. If you haven’t found there perfect gift already, here’s a round up of what you can pick up last minute from candles, oil lamps, diyas, cookware and more:

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1. Illuminating the light of sustainability this Diwali with ellementry diyas


One thing that you will hear often during Diwali is: “Let there be light.” This comes from the significance that diyas hold in the Indian tradition. After all, the festival gets its name from the Sanskrit word row (avail) of diyas (deep). Diwali is known for the brightly burning clay lamps that illuminate verandas, alleys, corners at home, and beyond. It is believed that the flame protects against spiritual darkness, as it represents enlightenment, purity, and prosperity.

To celebrate the festive season of lights, ellementry launches the handcrafted, sustainable collection of Kanchdeep Diya Set of 24, handcrafted and the material ensures a clear illumination of the space they are kept in. The design provides more focus on the festive flame.

2. Rosanna Arcadia Platter

Welcome the outdoor paradise and soothe your soul with the delicate, yet wild natural forms of Arcadia from the newly introduced Rosanna an award-winning international tableware and design house founded in 1982. This platter features beautiful floral and botanical images and comes packaged in a gift box. Made of porcelain, hand washing is recommended, and the product cannot be used in the microwave. Mix and match with other pieces in the Arcadia collection to complete the look!

Available at thinKitchen.in

3. Rad Living’s Rani Pink Premium Soy Candles

Dream-like fragrances poured in containers tinted with the colour of majestic splendour and mesmerising beauty. From the Rajputana times, the Rani Pink colour has been favoured by the Indian Royalties. Its resemblance to the deep rich pink colour of precious ruby made it popular among the ‘rajas’ and ‘raanis’, thereby getting its name. Finding inspiration in the colour’s royal grandeur, we present to you this set of 4 candles embellished with golden plating.

Buy at radliving.in

4. Styliving introduces Nazaakat – a home décor collection defining sophistication, charm, and timeless elegance

A symbol of luxury in the realm of home décor, Styliving boasts a beautiful and extensive range of products to decorate your living spaces in every way, from soft furnishing materials and drink and dinnerware to a unique collection of décor and gifting solutions.

This year, for the upcoming festivities, Styliving introduces the ethereal charm of Nazaakat, a collection of home décor that has been meticulously crafted for the Diwali and festive season. Featuring an exquisite array of crystal decorative pieces and a capsule collection of Diwali décor, Nazaakat adds a touch of luxury and timeless elegance to all your surroundings.

For more information, log on to stylivingindia.com

5. Illuminate your tables with Rosha’s Latest Festive lights collection

Reimagine your festive tables with Rosha’s luxury lights. A distinguished name in the world of lights, Rosha is thrilled to add a bespoke touch to festive tables with their latest masterpiece: a stunning Festive Lamps Collection that redefines luxury with every flicker.

Crafted with a blend of unique shapes and a minimalist design, Rosha’s lamps are a true embodiment of contemporary luxury. With its portable, wireless lamps that effortlessly complement any table setting, Rosha lamps add a fuss-free yet elegant touch to your festive table set ups creating an exquisite ambiance.

Availability: Address: S-48 Rajouri Garden, New Delhi – 110027; Phone: +91 99538 00690 Website: roshaindia.com

6. Oud Bakhoor | Home Fragrances

Wood chips soaked in Oud oil and adorned with gold flakes. Bakhoor burns to spread the lingering fragrance of Oud. Experience this auspicious journey of energy healing by rituals igniting a serene sanctum.

Priced at Rs. 7500/- Buy Oud Bakhoor – Olfa Originals

7. Chumbak

Celebrate Diwali with Chumbak’s new collection launch of its latest Marigold collection of homeware and gifts. The collection is inspired by the auspicious Marigold motif, a perennial favorite in Indian homes. Designed to infuse your celebrations with energetic colors and prints that perfectly complement the aura of the season and adds a touch of warmth and joy to your home. This collection spans various categories, including dining, home décor, gifts for loved ones, and gifting accessories for gift wrapping. The curated gifts range is handcrafted, in stoneware, steel, and copper. The range suits all kinds of budgets. All premade gift options come with gift packaging.

Starting Price Rs. 995/- Website- https://www.chumbak.com/

8. Unlock the Magic of Artful Gifting with Studio Artemist!

This festive season, why settle for ordinary gifts when you can inspire wonder and awe? Studio Artemist’s mixed media artworks are more than just decorative pieces; they’re enchanting stories waiting to be shared. Crafted with beautiful illustrations, hand-painted elements, and intricate thread and bead embellishments, these art pieces make for the perfect gift that transcends mere materiality. You can choose from religious motifs, timeless traditions, vintage aesthetics, or even contemporary forms.

The starting price for this product range is Rs. 2,500/- Studio Artemist

9. Nestasia’s Natural Jute Tealight Holder Set Of 6 Pink

Embrace the festive atmosphere with our exclusive tea light holder set, thoughtfully designed to infuse your home with a sense of warmth and sophistication. The candle holder set consists of six tea light holders, each sharing a captivating design and colour palette that captures the essence of the season. Every tea light candle holder in this collection features a round, bangle-like design crafted from natural jute rope, adorned with artificial golden beads and a delicate artificial pink flower on top.

The metal base of the tea light candle holders showcases intricate exterior patterns, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail in their craftsmanship. The tea light candle holders are ideal for elevating the ambiance of your Diwali decorations, pooja celebrations, weddings, and various other special occasions.

Price: Rs. 595/- Available on nestasia.in

10. Opulin Launches Terra by Utopia & Utility: A Celebration of Earthly Luxury

Opulin, the premier destination for luxury home accessories, is thrilled to introduce the latest collection of vases from Utopia & Utility – Terra, a stunning collection that blends the delicate elegance of glass with the timeless splendor of stone. Embodying the essence of European sustainable luxury, Terra is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and an ode to the tangible and tactile beauty of the earth.

Collection features a unique range of handcrafted pieces meticulously designed and prototyped in 2018. This includes a tall glass vase, a small stone serving bowl, and a petite wooden container, each capable of being unstacked to unveil its distinct functionality.

Available at Unit No. 356/357, MG Road, Next to Sultanpur Metro Station, New Delhi – 110030 or call +91 8510 098 000. Website: www.opulin.com

11. Personal Touch Skincare unveils their Love Me Some Candles, perfect for the Festive Season

As the festive season approaches, Personal Touch Skincare has introduced two products that are definitely bound to make your Diwali special; Love Me Some Candle and Love me Some Mini’s, in their signature Aqua Oud fragrance. These enchanting new additions to their Aquavault Series, promise to elevate your Diwali celebrations to new heights with their captivating aromas and elegant presentation.

Personal Touch Skincare’s exclusive Love Me Some Mini’s at Rs. 799 and Love Me Some Candles at Rs. 1,999. For more information, you can visit skincarepersonaltouch.com.

12. Immerse Yourself in the Radiance of Praggya Artists’ Diwali Artistry

Dulha Ram” represents the artist’s interpretation of Lord Shree Ramachandra in his Dulha form. Through intricate patterns and a profound, introspective portrayal, the artist has breathed life into Shree Ramachandra’s image. The backdrop adorned with sacred shlokas and the dynamic arrangement of shapes and lines contributes to a vibrant and spiritual composition. This work transcends mere art; it is a piece of the artist’s soul on canvas, extending a unique and personal connection to the divine for viewers.

Type of painting: Acrylic on Canvas Price Point: Rs. 1,50,000/- Available: http://www.praggyartist.com/

13. Westside Home Multicolored Artistic Printed Serving Tray

Take a delightful journey into the world of artistry with our serving tray from Westside Home thoughtfully designed and curated by Saaksha & Kinni, invites you to experience the fusion of utility and creativity. This serving tray is a canvas of vibrant, multicolored designs that add a touch of artistic elegance to your moments of indulgence. Elevate your tea time rituals and serving experiences with this unique range, where every piece tells a story of craftsmanship and style.

Price: Rs.1,199 (available at select stores across India)

14. Festive Edit for Festive Spaces: Obeetee’s Handcrafted Rugs to Illuminate the Season

The festive season is just around the corner and Obeetee Carpets is all ready to adorn your homes with their festive edit of carefully curated rugs that will transform your home this festive season. These rugs, each a work of art in itself, encompass a diverse range of design themes, from the timeless allure of traditional motifs to the precision of geometric patterns and the beauty of floral compositions.

These hand-tufted rugs are crafted with superior quality materials that promise durability. The collection has been curated keeping in mind the affordability, with most rugs priced between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 30,000.

The Zamiya rug—an exquisite piece inspired by the artistry of Persian design techniques is a beautiful artefact that homeowners can explore if they wish to bring some traditional elegance to their spaces. Hand-tufted with premium wool, it’s perfect for every season, including the chillier days of Diwali.

This masterpiece is available at a price of Rs. 10,400 for the 6×4 ft size and Rs. 17,088 for the 8×5 ft variant. Another gem from the collection is the Nain hand-tufted woollen and cotton rug, priced at Rs. 15,100 for the 6×4 ft size and Rs. 25,200 for the 8×5 ft option.

This festive season, infuse your home with the spirit of celebration by embracing the artistry of handcrafted rugs from Obeetee’s festive edit. Every rug from the collection is sure to add more light in your home with their warm colours and elegant patterns, perfect for Diwali. Get ready to celebrate the joy of the season and make your home a reflection of your unique taste with these handcrafted rugs.

15. Usher seater by Interior Designer Punam Kalra

This contemporary ottoman leaves a welcoming note with a linear piece that pairs up with a mini accent table to become a statement. Its further experiments with ergonomics to give up on the rests and become a versatile daybed that is completely cushioned to comfort. The coming together of natural wood, dark metal and earthy upholstery hintsa Nordic side to this otherwise minimal piece.

Price on request. Available at I’M, The Centre for Applied Arts, A-15, Lajpat Nagar-II, New Delhi-110024, Tel: 01148780006 Website- http://www.imcaa.in/

16. R Decor Presents “Citrine Collection” an Alluring Range of Home Furnishing Collection

RR Decor, a prominent player in the realm of home decor furnishings and textiles, is delighted to introduce their latest collection, “Citrine.” The premium collection is designed to add a touch of refinement and solace to interior spaces. Citrine is a unified blend of comforting premium shades that set the stage for a personal touch, and set your home apart from the rest.

Availability: R. R. Decor Pvt. Ltd. X-21, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II, New Delhi-110020, India. Phone No: 91-11-41731107/08, 46068777 Email – export@rrdecor.com, admin@rrdecor.com Website – www.rrdecor.com