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Know the amazing Korean beauty hacks for winter

Exfoliation is very important during winter as a buildup of dry, flaky skin can cause you to lose your radiance and can even be painful to deal with. Gentle exfoliation is recommended via toners.

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If you are a fan of K-pop drama, then at least once the thought of the stars having crystal clear skin would have crossed your mind. You would have surely sat down and wondered what’s the secret behind their beauty and how are they never attacked by acne or dryness. In case you have spent hours surfing trying to dig out their beauty regime, then no judgments at all for we did the same.

With the winter months, skin tends to lack nourishment and hence becomes dry or flaky. As much as we all await the chilling season, it does impact our skin texture and that’s one thing that most of us hate about winters. One cannot possibly look cute and comfy in their oversize sweaters when the face looks dull and patchy. Now, this is where the Korean beauty routines come into the picture.

For the longest possible time, we have been treating our winter skin with traditional methods. We either opt for coconut oil or flood our shelves with moisturizing creams. This season, why not pamper our skin with something new yet effective? If you are nodding in agreement with us, then scroll down and learn more about Korean beauty treatments to heal winter skin.

1. Lifestyle

The important thing to remember about Korean skincare is that it’s not all about the skincare products you use, though they are important. In Korea, taking care of your skin means eating a healthy diet rich in nutritious and fermented foods, getting quality sleep, and drinking lots of water. When the weather gets cold we tend to naturally drink less water than we do in warmer months, and we may even go a little overboard on the sweets during the holidays, it happens. But if we’re drinking enough water and avoiding unnecessary sweets most of the time, it will go a long way to helping us look our best year-round.

2. Use an Oil-Based Cleanser

Korean skincare for winter is a little more intensive than in the summer but is proven to be effective. The first step of any skincare routine is a cleanser. Often we hear about the essential “double cleanse” in K-beauty circles, but that’s not always recommended year-round. Over-cleansing your face in winter can lead to drying your skin out more than it already is. Stick with an oil-based, non-foaming cleanser in the winter months to gently pull away debris without stripping your face entirely and drying it out too much.

3. Avoid Washing with Hot Water

While doing your cleanse, you should make sure to only use lukewarm water. Hot water in the shower or during skincare can strip away good, natural oils and lead to itchy, tight skin.

4. Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliation is very important during winter as a buildup of dry, flaky skin can cause you to lose your radiance and can even be painful to deal with. Gentle exfoliation is recommended via toners.

5. Try a Hydrating Essence or Ampoule

When it comes to adding moisture back into your skin and keeping it there, ampoules and essences are your friends. Ampoules and essences are not a common part of North American skincare routines; many people have never even heard of them. Yet, it’s a step most Korean women never skip.

6. Do a Sheet Mask Two or Three Times a Week

It’s not uncommon to hear about Korean women doing sheet masks every single night, which may be a bit too much for you, but your skincare routine should include a hydrating sheet mask at least a couple of times a week. There’s nothing quite like regularly giving your skin at-home spa treatment.

7. Apply SPF

We often only think of applying SPF during the summer months, but in the K-beauty community, a strong SPF is worn every day, year-round, and it’s mandatory for a good reason.

8. Double Moisturize

Finally, your winter skincare routine wouldn’t be complete without a proper moisturizer. If your skin still needs that extra bit of hydration, don’t hold back — double moisturize by following with a sleeping mask.

Whatever your winter skin issue is, rest assured that you can solve it by upping your skincare game and following tried and true K-beauty tricks and products.