Indian adults are living ‘dual lives’ but what about unstated costs?

Experts warn against depression, anxiety

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In many households across India, children are leading a dual life in order to avoid the drama and stress of their parents’ expectations. These children are often caught between traditional values and expectations of their parents and the modern realities of life.

They are torn between the desire to follow their own dreams and the pressure to meet their parents’ expectations. This has led to a phenomenon where children are leading a double life, presenting a different persona to their parents than they do to their peers and society.


One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is the strict expectations and pressure placed on Indian children by their parents. Indian parents often have high expectations for their children, especially when it comes to academic performance and career choices.

Many parents push their children to pursue careers in fields such as medicine, engineering, or law, regardless of their actual interests and passions. As a result, children may feel like they are living in a prison of expectations, with no room to explore their true interests and talents.

In order to cope with this pressure, many children have started leading a double life. They may pretend to be someone they are not when they are at home, doing whatever it takes to meet their parents’ expectations.

At the same time, they may present a different persona to their friends and peers, pursuing their true passions and interests outside of the home. For example, a child who is forced to study medicine by their parents may secretly pursue art or music on the side.

While leading a double life may provide temporary relief from the stress and pressure of parental expectations, it can also be incredibly isolating and harmful. Children may feel like they are constantly lying to their parents and living in fear of being discovered. This can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

Additionally, children may struggle to form genuine connections with their parents, as they feel like they cannot be their true selves around them. It can lead to Self-doubt as the child starts to question his life and existence, whether they are doing something terribly wrong as they can’t stand up to the unrealistic expectations of their parents.

These children often get advice to open up to their parents as they have been raised by them only and that the parents will gradually have to accept their child, by peers who have grown up with open-minded parents but only they know about the  situation they are dwelling in. So what can be done to prevent children from leading a double life?

One solution is for parents to be more open-minded and accepting of their children’s interests and passions. Rather than forcing their children to pursue careers that do not align with their true passions, parents should encourage their children to explore their interests and talents.

This may involve letting go of some of their own expectations and accepting that their child’s path may not align with their own vision. But this can’t happen overnight or just by reading the article, It may take time and a lot of mutual understanding between the parents and their children.

Another solution is for children to be more open and honest with their parents about their true passions and interests. While this may be difficult, it can help to build a stronger relationship between parents and children. By opening up to their parents, children can help them understand their perspective and work towards finding a compromise that works for both parties.

In conclusion, the phenomenon of Indian children leading a double life is a reflection of the immense pressure placed on them by their parents. While it may provide temporary relief from this pressure, it can also be harmful and isolating.

By being more open-minded and accepting of their children’s interests and passions, parents can help prevent their children from feeling like they need to lead a double life. Additionally, children can work towards building a stronger relationship with their parents by being more honest and open about their true selves.