Important shopping etiquettes recommended for e-shoppers

Every online seller faces myriad hardships. It is not easy for them to sail through. It’s high time we realised there are some ‘etiquettes’ that are required for making online purchases.

Important shopping etiquettes recommended for e-shoppers

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You are sitting at your office desk. Suddenly, you feel that you need a new mug to place on your work-table. With this you start thinking that it would be handy to get a coffee refill while working. You pull out your mobile phone, after scrolling a few pages and making a few clicks, you finally choose an attractive cup for your desk that is delivered to you at your work, as quickly as possible. That’s the story of online shopping in a nutshell! 

Online shopping has grown tremendously in the past few years. It got further puch during the Covid-19 pandemic related restrictions when most people stayed home and shopped online. 

The function has become an integral part of our lives and more and more sellers are popping up on the online sphere, everyday. 


However, every now and then we come across disputes related to online purchases, where the buyer blames the online seller for ‘looting’ them or complains of receiving a wrong product. Not that the seller is always at fault. Sometimes, the buyer too is at fault but puts the blame squarely on the seller, to save some bucks. 

We may have come across some of our friends and relatives who started an online store and might be aware of their struggles. Every seller faces myriad hardships. It is not easy for them to sail through. It’s high time we realised there are some ‘etiquettes’ that are required for making online purchases.

Honing these etiquettes would not only make life easy for us but also keep us away from disputes and thereby ensure peace of mind.

Read carefully

One of the prerequisites for a pleasant online shopping experience is to read the details provided by the seller. Read each and every bit of the product description in detail, like size, texture, fabric, material and use. The more you read, the greater the chances of you avoiding embarrassment. 

Don’t miss details

Another major aspect of online shopping is giving utmost attention to the details to understand the use of the product being sold. Attention must also be given to the manufacturing date, the manufacturer’s address and the warranty being extended. Always read whether the product is returnable, or not, because if it is not, you might end up spending time and energy on litigation with the seller. 

Timely Payment

It is always advisable to make the payment on time, whether online or in cash. Normally, there are two options to pay in online shopping. One, making advance payment online. Two, making payment in cash post delivery. It is the duty of the buyer to ensure the payment on time failing which receipt of the product amounts to a crime. 

Revert Promptly

There are times when there’s a communication gap between the buyer and the seller. Sometimes, the seller needs to get some details from the buyer, regarding the product to be delivered, or the seller wants to give another option to the buyer. At times, the seller needs to know the exact location where the product is to be shipped. Under the circumstances, the buyer is required to act promptly and reply to each and every query to ensure a timely delivery. 

Avoid being overly selfish

Some people have a tendency to act overly selfish while making purchases. At times, sellers offer certain discounts for the promotion of their products with some conditions. Some buyers try to play with the promotions and get undue benefits out of the offer. There have been many incidents where buyers have been banned and restrained from online selling portals because of such activities. So, acting smart is no fun!

Thank the seller

If you buy a product and you do like it, there’s no harm in thanking the seller. The best way to convey your gratitude is by giving a positive feedback or rating on the online selling portal. This not only does motivate the seller but also inspires him to continue to offer the best products.