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Periods and your fitness routine

Most young girls who want to pursue a career in sports drop the idea of becoming a sportsperson in their adolescence only because of the onset of menstruation.

SNS | New Delhi |

In an era of living a sedentary lifestyle, staying fit has become an integral part of our life. Nowadays, we tend to pass our days mostly sitting down with our smartphones and laptops in our hands or laying down more often than we walk, climb stairs or do house chores. 

This affects our health in numerous ways. Staying active in the present way of life has become predominant than ever. Especially when we talk about women and girls, who love to follow a fitness routine, want to stay fit or take up a sport, menstruation and the facts and myths surrounding it have always become a barrier for them.

Many women feel that their periods affect their exercise routine. Most young girls who want to pursue a career in sports drop the idea of becoming a sportsperson in their adolescence only because of the onset of menstruation.  

Girls and women struggle in our country with deep taboos around menstruation. During this time women are usually advised to stay at home and rest, however, few women want to get going in those days as well.

Working out while menstruating may seem like a counter-intuitive thing to do, but it can help alleviate menstrual symptoms. There are, however, some do’s and don’ts that one must be aware of.

During menstruation various physical and chemical changes occur in the body that can be alleviated through exercise. Moreover, exercise can help increase the production of endorphins-feel-good hormones and also can reduce anxiety, depression, and pain, and improve mood. Nevertheless, few exercises can be done during the periods and can help relieve period pain as well, and others should be avoided during this time. If you find yourself in any kind of confusion consult your health care provider.

However, beating the taboos and myths, here are some benefits of exercising on your period:

Elevate your mood

Medical experts suggest that getting your body moving can help in increased blood circulation that further helps relieve cramps, headaches, or back pain associated with your period.

Reduce PMS Symptoms

Premenstrual syndrome has a combination of symptoms that many women complain about a week or two before their period. Over 90% of women say that they go through premenstrual symptoms, such as headaches, moodiness, and stomach upset. A little bit of aerobics or tapping into some dance moves can go a long way.

Increase your Happy Hormone

According to many scientific studies, endorphins are natural pain killers. Exercising gives us a natural endorphin high, during periods light exercises can give some comfort while dealing with menstruation pains.

Keep you going up on your fitness routine 

Leaving your fitness routine for more than two or three days or more becomes a great hurdle in keeping your fitness routine on track. Therefore, picking up lightweights, following some yoga practices that are advised during your periods can help keep your body on track even during your periods. 

Don’ts: There are few exercises such as lifting heavy weights, running, some yoga poses or intense workouts that are usually not advised to be practised during menstruation. In case of pregnancy, any health issue or injury one must always consult their physician or health expert before taking up these mentioned exercises during periods.