Google Doodle celebrates the life and work of American psychiatrist Dr Herbert Kleber on Tuesday who was hailed for his pioneering work in addiction treatment.

Today is the 23rd anniversary of his election to the prestigious National Academy of Medicine.

Dr Kleber is remembered fondly for his pathbreaking approach towards treating addiction patients.

He was the first person to give addicts the chance to be diagnosed and seek treatment in the first place, instead of just shaming and ostracising the lot.

Kleber was born in Pennsylvania in 1934, by age of 30, Dr Kleber had volunteered to work public health service. While posted at a prison hospital in Kentucky, he found that thousands of inmates were addicted and being treated for the same.

However, the tendency of the addiction relapsing was tremendously high, so he tried to fathom the gap in the treatment. In the process, the celebrated psychiatrist found out that these patients were punished and shamed frequently instead of being counselled.

Later, Dr Herbert Kleber co-founded the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse and revolutionised the treatment of and research on substance abuse.

The psychiatrist who would describe himself as a “perpetual optimist” penned hundreds of articles during the course of his 50-year-long illustrious career. He passed away on October 5, 2018, at the age of 84.

Notably, Google is also celebrating Nigeria Independence Day today and in parts of the world such as Greece, the doodle is celebrating Grandparents’ Day.