Control blood pressure with delicious food

Control blood pressure with food such as walnuts, bananas, soy, etc.

Control blood pressure with delicious food

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Hit your daily meal with a nutritional punch. Add some fresh wholesome foods that are truly more powerful than others, in the sense they share more than the fair share of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Having less calories and fats, they contain essential phyto-chemicals which may protect you against many diseases.

Blood pressure is one of the most common sedentary lifestyle diseases today. However, this is not necessarily a cause for alarm, yet can cause health problems if it is not treated for a long time. It is the leading cause of stroke and a major cause of heart attack. Control it with natural food rather. With so many varieties available, you can have a diet full of mixed nutritious food.

Soy – Soy boosts enzymes in the body that widen the arteries. It leads to lower blood pressure. Tofu and soy milk are the best choices to incorporate in daily diet.


Quinoa – Packed with all the amino-acids, protein and magnesium, this “mother of all grains” relaxes blood vessels. This whole grain product reduces the risk of high blood pressure and the frequency of migraines. You may substitute quinoa for rice or pasta in your daily meal. It tastes great with beans.

Fat-free or low-fat yogurt – Eat one serving every day without adding salt or sugar to lower the risk of high blood pressure. Moreover, the blood pressure of yogurt eaters rise less than that of non-yogurt eaters.

Pumpkin – It is a hearty fibre-rich vegtable packed with beta-carotene. The antioxidant activity in the vegetable may help prevent high blood pressure. Make your sugar free desserts or squash with it. Its natural sweetness and moist texture makes them ideal to eat.

Eggs – The high protein content in eggs help reduce blood pressure. Prefer to eat them in boiled form without adding salt.

Raw honey – In addition to antioxidant properties, honey also has vitamins, probiotics, minerals, amino-acids and enzymes to reduce hypertension.

Sunflower seeds – These super seeds are a great source of magnesium. Have a quarter cup daily as an evening snack and keep blood pressure at bay.

White potatoes – Rich in potassium and magnesium, it absorbs excess sodium and promotes healthy blood flow in the body. Bake them and eat in a tasty and healthy way.

Bananas – Loaded with potassium, they are a good snack to have in the morning or evening. Relish them with oatmeal, puddings or desserts.

Walnuts – A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, they aid in improving high blood pressure. One-fourth cup of walnuts fulfil 90 per cent of daily requirement of omega-3 fatty acids. Roast them and try as a topping on your favourite salads and other dishes.

Enjoy the freshness and crunch of these foods. Over cooking may decrease their nutritional value, so eat them raw or follow the healthiest way to cook if needed. Consider boosting potassium rich food and reducing high sodium food to lessen the bad effect of blood pressure. Substituting the supplements with fruits and vegetables is the correct approach to treat hypertension naturally.

Consult your doctor and know about your potassium and sodium levels. Make a wise change in your diet accordingly.