Singer Cyndi Lauper says that the inspiration behind her clothing range was to encourage women to feel “graceful and a little funky” and enjoy styling themselves.

“I designed clothes for the woman who wants to wear couture. Women could have the opportunity to feel tall, graceful and a little funky. Getting dressed shouldn’t feel like torture. Women should be able to feel elegant and funky no matter their size”.

The singer’s line includes black wide leg trousers, a red midi dress with fluted sleeves, as well as a black gothic blouse, and she thinks the “elongation of the lines” in her collection and the silhouette shapes will be “very flattering” for the wearer.

She said: “It’s all about the silhouette — the elongation of the lines, which make it very flattering. Tailoring is how I view everything,”

The vocalist thinks her range will bring a “whole new world” to the fashion industry.

Lauper hopes her creations will empower women of all ages, and encourage them to experiment with their wardrobe staples instead of being made to feel “invisible”.

“Women of a certain age shouldn’t have to go back into the closet and be invisible — my goal is to make women feel they’re still alive with my clothes. I’m a rocker, I know how to do it for goodness sake,” she said.