Teas aiding weight loss beyond green tea

Explore weight-loss teas beyond green tea! From the rich polyphenols in black tea to the unique properties of oolong, hibiscus, white, and rooibos teas—discover flavorful options to support your journey.

Teas aiding weight loss beyond green tea

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Whether you favor coffee or tea, there’s undeniable pleasure in sipping on a cup of hot masala tea during a rainstorm. Yet, beyond being the elixir that helps you navigate the chaos of daily life, tea can do more than provide a quick energy fix; it can work wonders in managing your belly bulge. While weight loss and green tea are commonly associated, with scientific support for its various benefits, there are several other options that offer similar effectiveness. Curious? Here’s a variety to consider.

Black tea

Having a cup of black tea in the morning or evening is a common sight in Indian households. Research indicates that black tea undergoes more oxidation than other variants, resulting in its dark coloration. The presence of potent polyphenols like caffeine contributes to weight loss by reducing oxidative stress and boosting metabolism.

Oolong tea

Though pricier, oolong tea can be an excellent weight-loss agent. Combining properties of both green and black tea, it undergoes more oxidation than green tea but less than black tea. Oolong tea contains catechins and theaflavins, along with caffeine, making it a potent tool for weight loss and metabolism enhancement.


Hibiscus tea

Derived from hibiscus leaves, hibiscus tea offers various weight loss benefits. With catechins that lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, it indirectly aids weight loss. Additionally, hibiscus tea reduces glucose and carbohydrate absorption, helping lower blood lipid levels.

White tea

Light, mild, and delicately flavored, white tea boasts potent polyphenols like catechin, ECG, and EGC, making it a robust brew to keep your belly bulge in check. These polyphenols aid in fat cell breakdown and metabolism boost.

Rooibos Tea

Although ongoing research continues, rooibos tea may contribute to weight loss due to the antioxidant Aspalathin. This compound helps alleviate stress, indirectly promoting improved metabolism and weight loss.

While teas are commonly seen as a rejuvenating evening boost, they serve multiple purposes, offering various benefits for both mind and body.

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