As much as wearing the right formals for office wear is important, picking up the right formals for your body type also is important. Knowing what formals to wear is a matter of understanding your body and how comfortable and confident you feel in what you wear.  Here are six smart tips that will help you shop smartly for formals.

1 Occasion: What is the occasion? Are you shopping for formals for workplace, conferences, festivals, church, parties or other events? Formalwear varies depending on the occasion. Formals for daily office wear may not be suitable for a board meeting or a party.

2 Functionality: The things you wear from clothes and shoes to accessories should be functional enough. What you wear where should not make you feel uncomfortable.

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3 Comfort value: Always try out the clothes and things you choose to buy before buying them. It should not only look good, but should also fit well. At no point should it be oversize or too small or short or too long. Remember, what makes you feel good makes you look good.

4 Body shape: What looks good on models and others may not look good on you. So know your body and understand the style and design of dresses that would look good on your body type.

5 Fabrics and texture: Cloth fabrics and textures are important factor to keep in mind when buying formals. The pants and shirts, skirts and dresses should not crease and crumple easily. The formals you wear should look good whole day. So, choose good quality, fine fabrics.

6 Right Colours: Choose your colour wisely. The colours of the formals you wear should not look out of place. While bright and jazzy colours may seem out of place at some place, they may be perfect at some events depending on how you wear them. Also, while black and grey may be the perfect colours for formals, adding a dash of vibrant hues is never a mistake. Be imaginative, innovative and creative and mix match dull and bright for a happy, fashionable look .