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Accessories for the right office look: Do’s and don’ts

Wearing the right clothes and right accessories for the right office look is important. As simple as it may sound, it can be quite a task.

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What to wear to work is one of the most common thought on a working woman’s mind. Wearing the right clothes and right accessories for the right office look is important. As simple as it may sound, it can be quite a task, especially when you are running late and quickly rummaging through your closet for the right things to wear.

For that quick and simple solution, here is what experts have to say for different engagements at work, be it regular work, special conferences or office parties. Yes, you got to have that right look and it is not too difficult. While going to office, the need is to keep it simple and elegant, say Raminder Singh from, and designer Pallavi Foley, according to IANS. They suggest the following tips to help you get the right office look:

Accessories for the right office look

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Working woman wearing a small pair of silver studs that goes well with her white formal top (Getty Images)


Interviews: When appearing for an interview, always keep the jewellery simple. Opt for subtle pieces like studs in gold, pearls or diamond. Small hoops may also be worn, but it would be prudent to avoid anything flashy, like drop or chandelier earrings, that may distract the interview panel. Keep accessorising to the minimum, and if you absolutely must, then choose elegance over flashy fashion. It may be a good idea to avoid anything too bold or with political or religious symbols.

At work: You can instantly jazz up your regular work outfit with some colourful jewellery. Given how work place dressing has evolved over the last few years, one can be a little experimental in the look.  Statement pieces that are not very in-your-face should become a wardrobe staple. Add a splash of colour to a monochrome outfit with a pair of elegant earrings or a statement neckpiece.

Office conferences: Office or work-related conferences are usually formal sober affairs. More than anything, you represent your team or your company, hence it is advised that jewellery be kept to elegant and simple. Avoid jewellery that is big and flashy. Consider wearing a single bracelet and simple studs while avoiding anything with heavy work, such as enamel or coloured stones. Plain diamond jewellery or a string of pearls are good options that go well with formal outfits.

Office parties: While it is recommended to still throw some caution into the air when dressing up, one can still jazz up an ordinary outfit with some gorgeous accessories. Choose exotic designs embellished in floral motifs, as they are both unique and feminine.  White gold is a hot trend, and is perfect for pairing with evening wear. You may even choose a chunky bold neckpiece and a stylish cocktail ring.

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