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Men – what to wear on a date?

Men often seek female advice on dressing up for their special someone.

SNS | New Delhi |

It's your first date. And you are wondering what to wear. Your man could be struggling with the same thought as he wants to impress you. After all, the first impression is the last impression, they say. But do you know that men often turn to women for assistance on what to wear on a romantic evening out with their date?

Style concious men who look forward to an unforgettable evening on their first date want to look their best, and studies have shown they prefer female stylists for advice on what to wear on their first date. They often turn to female friends to guide them and help them with their dressing.

New fashion trends flood the market every new season. As the design and fashion industry continue to grow and become more creative, men are equally, if not more, becoming more style concious. With men fashion trends embracing feminine elements these days, men today have more options when it comes to dressing unlike older times. And, they too love to experiment and most men love feedback on how they look from the female viewpoint. So, go ahead and help him out if you have a male friend who needs your guidance, and don't forget to compliment not only his dress, but his shoes, accessories and hairstyle as well.