Saree, the ethnic and traditional aittire of Indian women, is the pride couture of fashionistas. There is every reason to make it a special affair on all occasions.

The magical six or nine yards of cloth comes with different weaves, patterns, designs, colours and fabrics depending on the cultural region. There is a pool of diversity in the type of weaving and patterns of sarees.

Banarasi saree: Crafted in the holy land of Varanasi, the popular bridal saree has special ethnic appeal. It comes in fabulous colours, textures and sheen with golden embroidered borders.

Taant saree: It holds excellent thread work and craftsmanship of West Bengal. These crisp cotton sarees look classic with gold jewellery.

Kanjeevaram: These ones are unique and most famous as the South Indian bridal saree. Crafted from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, it comes in vibrant colours, fabulous patterns and golden zari border.

Assam silk: The delicate weaving of golden monga silk and threadwork comes from Assam. They are given various patterns to accentuate its beauty.

Bhagalpur or Tussar silk saree: Crafted in the land of Bhagalpur, Bihar, they are starched and crispy. They blend aesthetic essence and the ultimate creative craft with awesome prints and designer blouses.

Nauvari saree: It is the bridal saree worn by Maharashtrian women. The work on the saree is lively and the tucking style like a dhoti gives a complete different beautiful look trapped inside nine yards of cloth.

Pachampalli saree: The traditional Andhra sarees are produed in Telegana. The traditional geometric patterns in Ikat style gives it an ethnic look.

Baluchari saree: Its origin is in West Bengal. The borders and pallus showcase ancient stories from epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Cotton saree: It has a wide variety – pure cotton, poly cotton, kerala cotton, ikat cotton and many more.

Chikankari Lucknowi saree: These are light fabric sarees, ideal for hot summer season. They look elegant with their distinct style of hand embroidery from the Nawabi land of Lucknow. The fine six yard saree is available in viol, silk and georgette fabrics besides cotton.

Glass tissue saree: These are finely woven light weight sarees. The beautiful weave has a gorgeous appeal. Crafted with an array of beautiful prints and work, these tissue drapes change the perspective of ultra-detailed artistic impression. Varanasi is known for the weaving of tissue fabric.

The diversity of Indian culture is clearly reflected in the sarees of different regions of the country. Traditionally designed with the touch of modernity, these sarees give the royal and traditional affairs an elegant and gorgeous twist.  Highly fascinating and stunning, sarees are always in fashion.