This is for the bold and daring. The bald and beautiful look may be in! Remember when our own Persis Khambatta, model, actress and author, shocked her fans with her bold and bald look in the 1990's. She rocked the fashion and glam world with her dare to bare move. She went bald and beautiful! And later, other celebs followed suit and once in a while you see one of your favorites don the bald look. Of course, Pitbull, Bruce Willies, Vin Diesel, Jason Statsam, Shabana Azmi…, the list is endless.

This time, the new kid in the block is actor Chris Pine. He was spotted in Las Vegas with a shaved head. The Star Trek actor, known for coiffed hair, sported the new look for a Warner Bros presentation in the city on Wednesday. Reports quoted Pine as saying he credited Homeland star Rupert Friend as his muse, that he took the plunge because he was bored.

You too can take the plunge if your're bored with your same old look. With the onset of summer, while the fashion world flaunts new trends and styles, many boys and girls, men and women would be trying out new hairdos and things to beat the heat in style. If you dare to bare, and want to make a strong fashion statement this summer, you could go the Chris Pine way and look bald and beautiful. But, remember to go to a good, well-known salon for that nicely clean shaven look.

With the right make-up, you can look stunningly beautiful. And, you don't have to worry much about taking care of your hair or styling it. Going bald is low maintenance and cool for the summer. And you can step out in style, every time.