Internationally trained fashion designer Raghavendra Rathore will translate the evolved luxury and curate experiences at Chivas Studio to celebrate the icons of the past with a modern touch. “Reinventing the Classic” will be the core theme of the Chivas and other elements like music, mixology, gastronomy and collaborations will be utilised to enhance the experience. Rathore will include his signature elements to create live installations with new regimen and bring across an aesthetic approach to the whole event.

The Raghavendra Rathore (RR) is widely known as a luxury label specialising in men’s bespoke, ready-to-wear and accessories. Launched in 1994, it is synonymous with the Jodhpuri Bandhgala suits that Rathore has meticulously, nurtured, developed and made famous globally. With a vision of luxury and inspired by the old world regalia of Rajasthan in India, this offering is classic with clean and modern sensibilities, cutting across the borders.

Rathore’s designing sensibilities are a perfect balance between traditional and western contemporary fashion. “The idea is to constantly track and adapt the modern day lifestyle as it is an integral part of our everyday living. It is one of the key areas of focus for the brand while contemporising design.

The whole intent is to evolve the product and make it more functional or else it becomes stagnant in appeal as the years go by. Newness is vital in this sphere and the old world influence brings in the added detailing to the product that is inspired by heritage in some way thereby making it not so generic with a unique selling point,” said Rathore.

This aesthetic and design philosophy is effortlessly incorporated with the brand’s collaboration through the bar and installation design. Accents in styling, while conceptualising has been taken from the Beaux Arts style, also known as Indo-Deco style. The reinvention and the hallmark product of the RR brand “the Jodhpur Bandhgala” is beautifully represented through this vision and goes hand in hand with the Chivas theme.

A RR design is a timeless one that is best suited for a discerning customer. The vision sees predominance in aesthetical influence from Jodhpur as Rathore hails from that region of the country. It is best described as modern, contemporary, Indian-heritage inspired.

We are living in a time where there is no fashion impasse. Alternating between revivalism and progress, the brand’s constant endeavour is to not be so affected by trends but recreate products that have a story to tell for years ahead. It is rather than cloning things easily accessible to us at the moment. Creating a visual treat through installations, it takes you back in time but emulate a feel of classic modern realism through an intelligent amalgamation of exuberant luxury and live-style.

“The modern day Indian male is really conscious and well aware of products accessible to him. Therefore be it fashion or design, it calls for uniqueness and exclusivity in the product development thereby making him reach out to brands like ours on a consistent basis,” said Rathore.