Effective tips to manage obesity

It is a challenge that has been evolving rapidly in recent years and is now ranked among one of the primary causes of preventable deaths across the globe.

Effective tips to manage obesity

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Obesity is not a disease, but a lifestyle disorder that has emerged from the choices we make in terms of what we consume and how much we exercise.

It is a challenge that has been evolving rapidly in recent years and is now ranked among one of the primary causes of preventable deaths across the globe. What’s surprising is that 50 years ago, there was no disease as obesity, presumably because at the time individuals led more active lives, and did not have access to the high-calorie, processed foods that we have at present.

Decoding the primary causes of obesity


One of the primary reasons for this disorder in the current generation is the absence of physical work on a day-to-day basis, individuals have become increasingly lethargic.

Another major cause for a considerable surge in obesity rates is unorganised eating habits. There is not adequate awareness about the nutritive value of the meals we consume, and individuals usually eat without considering the effects on their health.

Today, individuals frequently consume more calories than their body requirements, resulting in weight gain and gradual obesity. However, despite the significant challenges that our current lifestyle and obesity pose to our health, they can be overcome by following these simple strategies in our day-to-day life:

Keep your calorie intake in check

To combat obesity, we must comprehend that our calorie intake should be proportional to our physical activity. This implies that we need to lead more active lives and consume meals that are nutritious and healthy. A healthy lifestyle is built on two pillars- Good nutrition and regular exercise. Disregarding either of these pillars will negatively influence our overall health.

Aim for natural weight loss

It is also essential to note that the emphasis should be on natural weight loss strategies rather than opting for cosmetic surgeries like liposuction. While these surgeries may yield temporary results, they can be detrimental in the long run. Rather, we must focus on weight loss techniques that are sustainable and healthy.

A proficient fitness coach can do wonders!

Another important element of fighting obesity is picking a fitness coach who has the required knowledge and expertise. Here, it gets crucial to understand the difference between a trainer and a teacher. While a host of individuals in the market claim to be fitness coaches, they lack the essential qualifications and experience. Hence it gets pivotal to shortlist a coach who possesses the necessary experience to advise us on the right path.

Make sustainable changes in your lifestyle

One of the most efficacious methods to fight obesity is to enlighten ourselves about the significance of healthy living. We need to be conscious of the nutritional value of the food we consume and comprehend the impact of our choices on our health.

A result-yielding strategy here would be to make short, sustainable changes in our lifestyle. For instance, we can begin by making minor changes in our diet, like lowering the intake of high-calorie, processed foods and increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables. We can also begin by including more physical activity into our daily routine, such as walking or cycling to workplaces.

By encouraging healthy lifestyles and making healthy choices easier, we can prevent and address obesity, enhance overall health outcomes, and lessen the burden on healthcare frameworks.

(Aminder Singh, Fitness Guru and founder of Team Aminder)