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Easy essentials to carry for a one-day Monsoon trek

Here is a list of basic and light stuff you can take with you for a Monsoon Trek. 

SNS | New Delhi |

There is nothing like a delightful small trek on the outskirts of your city to rejuvenate your senses and your mind. The exquisite mountains make the trekking experience unique.  One needs to travel light to appreciate the real beauty! Here is a list of basic and light stuff you can take with you for a Monsoon Trek.

Wind-cheater – You can’t really bring an umbrella on a trek, but in one manner or another, you have to be prepared for sudden rain. Carrying a raincoat or wind-cheater is a light option. Also, if your backpack isn’t waterproof, don’t forget to carry a bag cover.

Water bottle – This is one of the things you can’t do without even on a normal day without any kind of physical activity, let alone a trek. Although you don’t feel much hungry or thirsty during the monsoon, you should still carry at least one bottle of water for a one-day trek.

Instant energy juices – Sometimes you need an instant energy boost during a trek, and water doesn’t give you that. That’s why you can carry juice in your backpack. One bottle of juice can offer you immediate energy to go around the day, and the best part is that it is absolutely light to carry.

Light Snacks – You can’t walk on an empty stomach or climb with a heavy one. Keep a few dry fruits handy if you get sudden cramps of hunger. Dry fruits are good to cure sudden hunger and are super light to carry compared to other packaged products.

Torch – The sun sets early during the monsoon and there are clouds that do not provide much natural light, which is why a tiny torch is a must for a walk. Especially on a monsoon trek, it’s extremely useful.