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Dress up well to impress

Dressing the right way is quite important and it can take all your time especially for men.

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It might not take much time to select a place for your special days, but dressing the right way is quite important and it can take all your time — especially for men. It’s quite important to wear the perfect look for the day and carry it with style.

Here are some pro power styling tips by Rohan Khattar and  Vikram Seth on what to carry for the perfect day and look great.

* Sharp look: Blue color is the epitome of both day or night time and any man can carry it off like a star. Wearing a blue shirt with a tailored slim fit jacket can instantly give you a head turn look and can turn your day into a perfect date night.

* The neck game on: Trying on a new neck style can be a game changer. Go for a band-collar shirt to have a satisfying finish to your look. Roll neck jumpers can be pulled off pretty well as per the season and will give you a conventional look.
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* Jackets: There is nothing more attractive than a man in a well-cut, well-fitted dark colored suit, which works as a survivor. Be it slim or not, dark colored jackets never fail to impress the women. So, get a tailor who’ll help you achieve the best fit and look for you.

* Accessorise the basics: Standing out in a crowd in a minimalistic way can break the monotony of style. Carrying statement brooches or lapel pins with your coats or shirts will bring the charm for the day. Pocket squares as well can be paired well with the basic blazers and coats and can be the star of your style.

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 * Footwear: When it comes to footwear, it’s not necessary that you go for formal shoes. Pair it up with semi-casual or casual look with cool pair of sneakers, moccasins or loafers, whichever goes with your look for your evening affair.