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Breaking stereotypes, girls pop the question on this Propose Day!

Propose Day is an occasion to walk up to your loved ones and express your feelings.

Lakshita Vohra | New Delhi | Updated :

February is the most romantic time of the year and Propose Day (February 8) makes the month more exciting. Propose Day is an occasion to walk up to your loved ones and express your feelings. While most of the couples believe that there is no particular day to express their love, some feel there is no harm in celebrating it on a specific day.

Romance, is a feeling, which is equally shared by all genders but it all depends how we show up; some propose with a red rose, pink rose or bend down on their one knee to pop the question.

So, on this Valentines Day break the stereotypes, trash the traditions, don’t wait for him to buy you ring, go ahead and surprise him with one instead. The story of how you proposed will be told to friends and strangers for the rest of your life. So, put your own spin on one of the ideas from below for the romantic proposal idea and break the stereotypes girls!


Recreate your first date


It is the sweetest and simple way to propose to your man romantically. It’s one of the moments where you started to fall for each other. The remembrance of the first date will create the atmosphere of initial feeling of love and attraction with your partner and is the best time to express your feelings. It can be the moment where you commit to forever with each other.


Create a treasure hunt


If your partner loves adventure then proposing through a creative treasure-hunt is the way to go. Turn the proposal into a game. Leave notes and clues in places that are of his interest and a part of your relationship. This will make him eager to find the reward. And at the final step, hold a note of proposal.


Cook for him


Food is the way to a man’s heart! Invite him to a dinner. Cook all his favorite dishes and have a romantic candlelight dinner. Or even you can even opt for going to his favorite restaurant and order his favorite cuisine. At the end, of the dinner serve him with his favorite dessert and stick a note of the proposal and surprise him.


A Simple Note


Nothing is more simple, endearing and romantic than a hand-written love letter. The handwritten letter says exactly what you want to express.  So, write to him and tell him that he is the one whom you love the most. Pour your heart out. A simple and sweet letter would be the choice if you are very shy to propose face-to-face.


Propose through his hobbies


Your partner must have different hobbies and most of them will be sporty. All guys love to play a video game. Surprise him by playing his favorite game. But add a twist, by creating a customized proposal video game. If he loves to run, challenge him to race and let him win and end the game with a proposal.

Love is an emotion that conquers all, so this year conquer all tradition, break the stereotypes and plan a surprise for your partner.