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The intriguing device that counts the bites of food you intake

Researchers of Clemson University, South Carolina, USA, developed a blueprint of a device, which is touted as a ‘pedometer of eating’.

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

Bite counter: Maintaining weight and staying in shape is the biggest challenge of modern human civilization. The most common approach to weight-watching is controlling the intake of food. However, amidst our busy lives, it is very difficult to keep a track of our food intake.
There is a good soon expected from the medical gadgets industry related to overcoming the challenge of keeping a tab on food intake. Researchers of Clemson University, South Carolina, USA, developed a blueprint of a device, which is touted as a ‘pedometer of eating’. The research was conducted several years ago, however, many entities are working on developing a working model of the gadget. This device is aimed at easing our lives as it would take the stress off and buzz when we eat more than required.
An excerpt from Clemson University’s official description of the project available at, read, “Isn’t a bite of carrots different from a bite of candy? Of course. But nobody gains or loses weight in a single bite, or even a single meal. A common guideline is to lose a pound of weight per week. Our hypothesis is that bite count can serve as a surrogate for calorie count over a period of time. By automating the counting process, and enabling it anywhere, any time, the bite counter can empower individuals to better monitor intake. As with calories, it is possible to count bites for a single meal; but with either measure reduction goals are best evaluated over at least a day.
Bite goals, like calorie goals, should be custom set to the individual. This would be based not only on the size, gender, age, and activity level of the person but also based upon the foods typically eaten. For example, a vegetarian may have a higher bite count per day than someone who regularly eats more energy-dense foods. In addition, people tend to eat the same foods week to week. Therefore, setting bite reduction goals over a period of time has the same effect as setting calorie reduction goals”.
How it works
It is expected that the features of the bite-counter gadget would be inculcated in the smartwatch. It is because of the similar functioning and working mode. The bite counter maps the movement of the arm and it calculates the gesture of the arm when it moves towards the mouth. It calculates the movement as a ‘bite’ and keeps a tab of it. When the bites exceed a particular level, the gadget notifies the user.
How it would ease our lives
The fitness and medical industry would benefit from the device greatly. Fitness enthusiasts and weight-watchers can avail the benefit of the bite counter and control their calorie intake. It would also be very beneficial for patients who are advised by doctors and medical professionals to control their food intake. For any other person, it is a great option to keep a watch over how much one eats and get encouraged to follow a healthy eating regimen.
Extensive research and study have gone into the development of the device and it has shown accurate results. The device does seem very promising and fitness enthusiasts are keen on its launch.
However, no formal announcement has been made by any organization about its launch yet.

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