Bhai Dooj 2022: Unique gifting ideas

Most people want to choose something which is worth the money and is utilized well and not just gifted for the heck of it. 

Bhai Dooj 2022: Unique gifting ideas

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Choosing the right gift is always a task and a more daunting one for festive times. Sweets hardly are the choice these days due to their shorter shelf life and people want to move beyond dry fruits. Most people want to choose something which is worth the money and is utilized well and not just gifted for the heck of it.

Following are certain gift options that can be customized according to the flow of your creative juices while also matching your budget.

Glass containers


These are the most functional gift option for Bhai Dooj 2022. These kitchen pantry jars can be used in every household and can be filled with sweets, fun goodies, or some special messages. If you want to go an eco-friendly way then the glass jars are worth checking out.


Heading straight from the conventional to the unconventional green gift option. Give the most unique gift one could think off packaged wonderfully. Gifting plants is gifting life to someone and that is no dought one of the best things we can do today. Putting the plants in beautiful pots and gifting them to your loved ones with a box of sweets is the best festive Bhai Dooj 2022 gift.

Hand-made gift items

There are a lot of trendy gift options that are not only handmade but at the same time make use of materials that are good for the environment like jute baskets, bags, paintings, decorative items, etc these are handmade which is what makes them special.

These gifts encourage hand made craft industry and people associated with it, fortunately, India is a country that has a wealth of crafters who are holding strong and passing their skills and craft from one generation to another only to keep the art form alive. Considering something handmade with a pack of chocolates is a great memorable gift for any person.

Gift hampers

Gift hampers are another amazing gift option for your loved ones. Preparing a basket full of sweets, decorative items, candles,  and customized food items can also be added to the hampers, with all these amazing gifts we can put some handwritten notes which will the hamper more special. This hamper can be made according to one’s budget and liking.

Useful Gadgets

Everybody likes the latest and the newest gadgets and getting it as a Bhai Dooj 2022 gift makes it more special. The latest Bluetooth speakers, headphones, automatic soap dispensers, inverter light bulbs, induction, epilators or trimmers, etc are the best gifting item with the pack of sweets. These gifts can be used for longer periods of time and will be most useful to anyone.

Home-baked cookies and cakes

If you are a baker or you know someone who bakes well then this Bhai Dooj 2022 make use of the backing skills and gift homemade cookies and cakes to your loved ones. These baked items can be packed impressively in jars or boxes. Customizing these items as healthy sweets, like sugar-free or multigrain cakes and cookies will make them more efficient and healthy gift options don’t forget to put a special note.