It's simple, yet pretty and elegant. Fall in love with the bouncy ponytail hairstyle, the slice of summer hairstyles. It can be worn in different ways. Worn in style with perfection can give you a great glam look. It reflects the beauty of simplicity.

Shoulder length or long hair, if you have the least time to style up your hair, the amazing ponytails can help you look presentable not only during your fitness hours but in formal meetings, night out parties and casual dates too. You can wear it high or low depending on what suits you best. Whichever way it is done, few tips can make you look elegant and beautiful in a simple ponytail.

Five ponytail flairs every girl should know:-

Simple fluffy ponytail: Make a half ponytail in the centre at the top. With rest of the hair, make the second ponytail below it. Bring the lower ponytail up towards the higher ponytail and pin up together. It will give a longer and fuller look.

Segmented ponytail: Make a half ponytail at the centre top. Take small equal sections of hair from both sides. Tie them with the central half ponytail below the point that is initially tied. Repeat the process till your hair end at your neck.

Centre puff with side French plait on both sides: Lift a small section of hair from the front centre of your head. With little back combing, make a high puff. On both the sides make French plaits. Lift up the remaining hair from the back and tie them high along with the remaining loose hair of both the French plaits.

Front side braided high ponytail: Do the side parting sweeping the major portion of your hair on one side. Taking small segments of hair make a French plait in the front broader side. Lift the remaining hair from the back and the thinner side along with the remaining loose hair of the French plait and tie them high all together.

Full back French braided ponytail: Make a high ponytail, lifting all your hair together. From the left side of the ponytail itself, take out a thin section of the hair. Start making a French braid rolling down around the ponytail till the end.

Now, spend some time styling your hair. Grab a comb, few rubber bands and adornment items. It may be just the hairstyle for you that does not need much of your time and complex tricks. The good old ponytail is always in trend. You can wear it all the time.