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Make your eyes look bigger with killer winged eyeliners

Sleek or straight, smoky or smudged, a twist with shades of eyeliners can give you a pretty feminine look.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Who doesn’t love clear, beautiful eyes? If you have small eyes, with the help of an eyeliner, you can elongate them and make them look bigger and beautiful.There are plenty of options depending on your eye shape. It may be liquid, gel, and pencil or marker eyeliner. With any of it, you may indulge in gorgeous innovative way to highlight your eye makeup. You may use different colour eyeliners to create a statement outline of your top and bottom lash line in a perfect smoky way.

How about a winged one? It’s an amazing throwback to the 70s era of Mumtaz, Saira Bano and Sadhna with their high bun and black liner lids. So, feel like a diva with this classic style. For a versatile eye makeup look, this one is apt, be it a subtle wing or the old cat-eye-look. Consider your eye shape and try to achieve the right 45 degree angular winged tip. To add more glam, you may draw the winged tip with eye shadow first and then go over it with your liner.

It’s not necessary to be perfect in wearing a smart eyeliner look. If you’re a beginner, you may follow some simple steps.

Close your eyes and open them half pulling your lash lids to draw your line. With a brush or pencil, apply eyeliner from inner to outer edge of your upper eyelash line wiggling it in between your lashes. Make the line more defined and prominent in your second go. Finally, with a small angled or pointed brush, smudge the line to make it smoother.

Now, learn about the colour theory. You may pick from certain shades that may intensify your natural eye colour. It may even change your persona. Try contrast shades to brighten up your eyes. For blue eyes copper and gold may make them appear bluer, cooler and deeper. These metallic glittery shades may light up your blue eye appearance in true sense. Navy, champagne and terra cota are also worth a try for this eye colour. Red and copper ornaments complement green eyes in the colour palate. You may see for other use with reddish undertones. Thus, bronze and aubergine may also look dazzling on green eyes. Rimming the brown eyes in denim blue, cobalt, purple or even black may give you long lasting memorable look. You may choose any of the hues depending upon how colourful you want to go. Kick up the radiance of hazel eyes with a touch of emerald, gold, bronze, olive, plum or chocolate brown liner over the lid.

Start from the inner side, fill the centre lid and finish off with the end tip of the rim. Don’t miss out on the latest eye liner beautification trends. Lining the lid in black first may help to enhance a sharper look. Explore these eye highlighters that come in different shades and learn how to up your liner game with easy tricks. Sleek or straight, smoky or smudged, a twist with shades of eyeliners can give you a pretty feminine look.