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Beauty benefits of wild berries

Go pluck some wild berries, include them in your diet and explore their amazing beauty benefits.

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Delightfully pretty, sweet, tempting, delicious, irresistible… are wild berries. ¬†Edible wild berries are small, yet powerful. They are popular not only as health food but also as beauty food for owing to their many beauty benefits. After all, what is good for health is also good for looks. So include wild berries in your diet and explore their beauty benefits.

Good skin, nails and healthy hair growth are signs of good health whereas falling hair or poor skin and nail conditions may indicate poor health conditions.

And wild berries, according to science and ancient wisdom, are said to be good for the hair, eyes and the skin.

Beauty benefits of wild berries


Ripe blueberries
Ripe Blueberries (Getty Images)


Blueberries are highly nutritious and sweet in taste. It is rich in fibre, Vitamin C and K and manganese. Owing to its sweetly delicious taste, one can easily get addicted to it. Addiction to it can cause health problems, but when taken in moderation, it is good for the hair and skin. It is said to protect against cell degeneration, early ageing and control weight gain.



Ripe raspberry
Fresh organic ripe raspberry (Getty Images)


Bright red when riped, small, sweet and succulent raspberry is rich in dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Daily intake of it helps improve health condition and improves skin condition and eyesight.



Blackberries (Getty Images)


Ripe blackberry is small but fleshy and sweet in taste. It has low calories, high dietary fibre, Vitamin C and K. It also has phenolic flavonoid phytochemicals, which antioxidant compounds reduce the risk of early ageing and prevent degenerative diseases.



Strawberry (Getty Images)

Strawberry also is rich in dietary fibre, Vitamin C and healthy minerals. Owing to the polyphenolic and antioxidant content in it, strawberries strengthen the immune system and prevent degeneration diseases and early ageing.


Indian gooseberries
Indian gooseberries (Getty Images)

Green gooseberry trees grow wild and tall and a tree can bear hundreds of gooseberries. Rich in Vitamin C, the green berry has many health benefits which sparkle up the eyes and improves vision, boost hair growth and skin condition.

These wild berries, owing to its high nutritional and medicinal purpose, they are cultivated in large scale in many countries across the world. And they are available not only in farms and also in backyards and in markets. Include them in your daily diet and enjoy their succulent and delicious tastes and beauty benefits.