Ayurveda’s guide to treating premature hair

Discover Ayurveda’s natural remedies for treating premature hair, from lemon juice and almond oil to curry leaves and coconut oil. Say goodbye to premature graying with these holistic solutions.

Ayurveda’s guide to treating premature hair

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While ‘age like fine wine’ might be the metaphor we all wish to abide by, our lifestyle, stress, eating habits, and the ever-increasing pollution might just end up fostering early signs of aging. Premature grey hair, sagging skin, and dark circles are just some of the basic issues both men and women face, even in their 30s. Solution? While the right lifestyle, dietary changes, and tweaks might do the job, it is a long-haul one. Ayurveda, the traditional science, believes in eradicating the issue from the root by incorporating a balance between the mind, soul, body, and the environment. According to this traditional medicine, premature grey hair is more prominent among Pitta dosha individuals, inhibiting melanin production.

While the market is saturated with hair dyeing options, Ayurveda believes in using natural ingredients that you can procure easily and will also help balance the body and the mind. Here, we have compiled a list of ingredients that can become an integral part of treating premature hair.

Lemon Juice + Almond Oil

Lemon contains vitamins and phosphorus, which boosts new hair growth; however, the acidic property of lemon can be damaging to melanin production when kept on for long. On the other hand, almond oil is rich in vitamin E, which helps fight free radicals that could otherwise damage hair follicles.


Mix one part lemon juice with two parts of almond oil, use it as an oil, and massage it through your hair. Keep it for a maximum of 15-20 minutes and rinse off thoroughly with sulfate and harsh chemical-free shampoo.

Curry Leaves + Coconut Oil

Curry leaves are rich in Vitamin B6 complex, which is known for restoring hair color and helping retain it, while the antioxidants at the same time help fight free radicals which could otherwise damage melanin production. Coconut oil helps improve blood circulation and restore overall hair health and color.

Take curry leaves and boil them in coconut oil until they start turning black. Now strain the oil and let it cool. Apply the hair oil at least thrice a week and leave it overnight for best results.

Onion Juice

Hydrogen peroxide, which is often present at the base of the hair follicle, can lead to premature graying. Onion juice helps reduce the level of hydrogen peroxide, and the presence of antioxidants like quercetin and vitamin C also helps fight free radicals and reduce the chances of the silver hair from appearing early on.

Mix three tablespoons of onion juice and one tablespoon of each lemon juice and olive oil, and massage your hair thoroughly with it. Keep it for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 40 minutes, and then rinse it off thoroughly.

You can use several other Ayurvedic remedies, like hibiscus, henna, and coffee packs (for naturally dyeing your hair), and walnut powder. Hence, follow these Ayurvedic remedies religiously to get soft, supple, and shiny black hair.

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