This season the desire for a fuss-free, timeless wardrobe sees utilitarian silhouettes merge with modern materials. Functional and aesthetic details of military and workwear items are pared down to emphasise versatility and practicality.Comfort, ease of movement and utility are the key factors driving the trend this season.

Spykar’s Young and Restless collection embraces a fluid approach to fashion, where youthful fashion is emerging, and fashionable products are courting youth appeal.

The focus is also on how the garments are styled, rather than the specific items on their own. The democratic appeal of denim is particularly relevant, as it has the flexibility to be youthful. The season’s obsession with everything indigo develops into a fresh nomadic look with an urban attitude.

Styling is relaxed and easy, with free-flowing and comfortable products as garments are getting simpler with minimal approach to details. A palette of deep blues holds the look of the season together. Unfinished edges and crafty patchworks add to the garments character. A more worldly approach to denim mixes traditional jeanswear staples with local culture to create new looks.

Here are some of the key trends that might interest you:

1. Military and workwear are combined together to make urban utility products. Lightweight fabrics have a contemporary and functional appeal. Bigger pockets, clean seams and badge details emphasise a uniform-inspired look. Camoufladge patterns in warm earthy colours add drama to the overall styling.

2. Aviation-inspired garments infiltrate men’s casual and street styling, inspiring a range of functional garments. Ergonomic seaming, badges and micro details follow the form of flight suits and bomber jackets from military aviators.

3. Tropical motifs and a fresh and exotic colour palette update casual menswear this summer. Fabrics have freshness and sharpness that appears hyper real, and casual products are highlighted with placement prints and embroideries to make a stronger statement. Tropical floral and botanical prints in earthly or pastel shades are being used in large-scale prints.

4. Ocean inspired denim washes and finishes, with various shades of indigos, ranging from mid to light, high-contrast effects and a more intense palette of deep indigos.

5. 1970s styling and a retro look gives rise to the stripes trend. Bold and in varying scales, retro-inspired stripes are being used vertically to create a 70s collegiate look.

6. Classic heritage checks are being used across evergreen men’s wear products. Basics are reimagined with a slight twist of minimal details and wash processes. Patchwork shirting and casual tailored trousers are essential items this season.

7. A growing interest in typography sees Spykar experimenting with fonts and slogan placements. Fonts and print motifs take inspiration from different aspects of life. Bold signs are used as patches and badges on military-style items, while arrows and lines nod to aviation and space-style motifs.

8. There is an emphasis on washes, dyeing and ombre, which reimagines denim staples almost as future artefacts. Aggresive laundries and 3D techniques create items that feel one-of-a-kind. Dyes and washes should feel different from piece-to-piece, reinforcing a sense of exclusivity.

9. Badges and placement prints are major fashioning elements on the products this season. Embroidery badges on felts, fabrics and other materials are experimented in various forms and colours to enhance the appeal of the garments.

10. Natural patterns and textures are abstracted to create colourful high-summer stripes. Patterns and deep blue colours seen in the ocean inspire watery effects on denim and casual cotton shirting. Style markings are created with bleached-out effects.

The writer is design head, Spykar lifestyle Pvt Ltd