A walk in the park

There are few things to remember when you go for a walk in the park.

A walk in the park

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Delhi is popular as one of the greenest cities in the world. Parks make up one of the many aspects of the green environment of this capital city.

With almost every colony having one or more public parks, there are over 20,000 parks in the city. The parks are beautifully maintained and the best can be witnessed during spring time when all kinds of flowers bloom. But, one need not wait for the spring.

If you are living in the city, make the best use of the open spaces around, take a walk in the park for complete wellness and enjoy the green beauty all around.


Apart from the nearby parks, there are popular parks in the city worth visiting. Many city dwellers drive down to these parks for regular walks and other physical activities. Some of the more popular parks include the Lodhi Gardens, Nehru Park, Garden of Five Senses, Indraprastha Park, Deer Park and Sanjay Van.

It is an old fact that walking is good for health, and while staying fit is everyone’s desire one must bear in mind safety measures before taking up any fitness program.

Things to remember when going for a walk

If you are taking a walk after a long gap, check your weight.

If you are overweight, visit a doctor for any health complications.

At least 30 minutes of daily walk is required to remain fit and healthy.

The longer and faster you walk, the more you sweat, which is good for you.

However, consult your doctor on how long a walk is safe for you.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Uncomfortable shoes can cause more harm to your body.

Also, remember to have good nutrition and healthy diet that is suitable for your body size and health condition.