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5 ways vitamin C benefits your skin

With all these benefits of Vitamin C, it is a super skin friendly!

Shikhee Agrawal | New Delhi |

Vitamin C is abundantly available though it is rare to find someone who knows all about this wonder vitamin. It is the most effective and easiest available vitamin due to its omnipresence in vegetables and fruits. This wonder vitamin has many health benefits including protection against immune system &
deficiencies, prenatal health problems, cardiovascular disease, eye disease, and even preventing skin wrinkling.

With the other health-related benefits, this super vitamin has been steadily climbing the beauty trend ladder and gaining popularity for its potent ability to naturally improve skin, fight signs of ageing, and improve collagen production to save us from getting wrinkles and sunburn. Vitamin C is rich in ascorbic
acid, and acts as an antioxidant that helps in regenerating other antioxidants in the body that makes vitamin C a vital molecule for skin health. Vitamin C also known as L-ascorbic acid is for the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues.

Its also essential for many body functions, including the formation of collagen, healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth. A regular dose of
vitamin C also reduces the risk of heart disease and helps in controlling the blood pressure to keep arteries flexible. It’s an important nutrient and plays multiple roles in the body. one of the most special features of this vitamin is it prevent iron deficiency by absorbing iron and helps in making red blood cells
for transporting oxygen throughout the body.

Deficiency of iron can cause anaemia. Iron-deficient skin often appears to be pale, yellow, or sallow in colour. Iron helps in making red blood cells and transporting oxygen throughout the body to avoid this condition. Vitamin C helps in boosting immunity by helping white blood cells function more effectively, strengthening your skin’s defence system and helps in healing wounds faster.

Its deficiency can cause muscle weakness, joint and muscle aches, bleeding gums and leg rashes and prolonged deficiency of vitamin C can also cause scurvy- rare but potentially severe illness.

If you are facing problem in losing weight, vitamin C is a proved savior as it enhances metabolism and increases the oxidation of body fat during exercise and this aids weight loss.

Thanks to the international trading we have an antioxidant superstar camu camu available in many skin care products. In Camu Camu the content of vitamin C is exceptionally high, making this the most notable thing about the fruit. Camu Camu berries may contain up to 60 times the amount of vitamin C in an orange.

With all these benefits of Vitamin C, it is a super skin friendly!

Here are the 5 ways it benefits your skin.

  • Dietary and topical ascorbic acid have beneficial effects on skin cells, and help in preventing ultraviolet (UV)-induced photodamage.
  • Vitamin C also plays a vital role in building connective tissue and wound healing and also delays the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin and body.
  • Vitamin c (ascorbic acid) has antioxidant properties and aids in collagen synthesis, making it a vital molecule for skin health.
  • Fighting pigmentation and erase fine line and wrinkles.
  • Provide fantastic environmental protection from pollution, pollens, UV rays and revive your glow back.

(The author Shikhee Agrawal is head training at The Body Shop)