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Story of Manju Chaudhary: the women who fulfilled her dreams

Brand Post | New Delhi |

 The Delhi-based makeup artist is now spreading her business all over India.  Yes, we are talking about Manju Chaudhary of Delhi who is a makeup artist.  She started her career working in a very small beauty parlour and today she has her own makeup studio which she runs alone and has many employees in her studio.  Today Manju is very famous all over Delhi.  Almost everyone knows and appreciates Manju for her work.  Today everyone knows the owner of *Manjus: The World of Glamour* and she has a huge customer base in her studio every day.  During a piece of recent information, we came to know a lot about Manju.

Manju has been very fond of decorating since childhood.  She used to use her mother’s makeup items.  Sometimes she would wrap her dupatta and put on a Sari.  When Manju completed 12th, she decided that she now wants to become a makeup artist and she has to do a makeup artist course.

When Manju said to her parents that she wanted to become a make-up artist, her family’s reaction was very good, her parents always supported her and when Manju told them that she wanted to become a make-up artist, they said that you do whatever you want, we are always with you.

Manju has started it with *London College of Makeup*.  She started with a small beauty parlor and today she has her own big studio by the name Manju’s The World of Glamour.

Manju has received *Best Celebrity Makeup Artist Award* from Shamita Shetty and has worked with big *celebrities* like Karan Kundra, Sahil Khan.

Manju’s inspiration is she herself.  She has achieved a lot from her childhood till today and her parents always believed in her, they never doubted Manju or her ability and they always supported her.

Manju’s hobby is *makeup*, she likes to adorn people and groom herself.  Apart from this, she loves to travel, she likes to visit new places and she likes to watch movies.

Today Manju has achieved a big milestone.  Today everyone appreciates Manju Choudhary.  Manju is a very good example for the youth of today who want to fulfill their dreams.