Breathwork—conscious breathing is becoming a much-needed practice in turbulent times such as the pandemic. As Breathwork is attracting interest from multiple wellness practitioners, multiple schools of breathwork are rising to attention, offering different techniques and their combinations. One of them is SOMA Breathwork.

Founded by Niraj Naik, this unique breathwork practise comprises both modern science and Pranayama-based ancient methods to bring mind and body together to create a union, harmony and internal peace. Additionally, this school is unique because of how they are incorporating rhythmic music and meditation to help practitioners reach an elevated state of living.

A strong scientific foundation makes the teachings of the school attractive to critical minds. There is a strong body of research proving different aspects of the techniques, from specific pranayama practices, such as kumbhaka and their effect on stress levels, to the benefits of rhythmic breathing.

When people around the world lost access to many wellness tools, such as regular gym classes, spas and in-person therapy, SOMA Breath saw a spike in popularity. The practice requires nothing else but a quiet space and some device to play music. Easy access and strong evidence behind the techniques found a great response among those in search of tools to support their mental health during the pandemic.

Soma Breath offers a holistic approach to one’s health and wellbeing. Apart from breathwork techniques it will help practitioners to be mindful of their unhealthy habits, incorporate healthier eating habits and a traditional approach to a movement rooted in yogic practices. Keeping the pandemic in mind, it is essential to be healthy these days and SOMA breathwork is proving to be an important element to include in our health regime.

It’s all thanks to Naik’s personal journey which led him to discover this innovative yet accessible way to improve mental and physical health in this crucial time. As the SOMA Breathwork spreads globally, Niraj Naik is looking forward to introducing more individuals to this healthy and effective breathwork technique.

“Right now myself and my entire SOMA team are quarantined on the same island — Koh Phangan in Thailand. This island has a special place in my heart as SOMA was born here and we have done countless SOMA ceremonies, retreats, and workshops on the island. We are all here at the same time for much longer than planned. We are using all of the extra time together whilst everything is closed to pour all of our efforts into spreading SOMA further and wider at this important time for humanity. It feels great to have the whole SOMA family in one place,” said Niraj Naik, founder of Soma Breath.